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Zone 8 no pvp zone yet i got killed by another player

Discussion in 'Realms' started by Santiago lopez, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Santiago lopez

    Santiago lopez First Step

    So basically I was mining in the mining world when I was in zone 8 and their was another person around I didn't care what he did because it was a no pvp zone later like a minute or two I get attacked and I thought it was a zombie or a skeleton but it was the guy who I saw earlier and he invited a friend and his friend killed me in a NO PVP ZONE... pls is their anything I can do because I didn't have that much good stuff the only thing that I had good was just three things that I spent my entire time working on when I first started this game like two weeks ago.... it was a sword with 5 enchants on it and 2 pickaxes with 3 enchants on them that's basically all I had good pls help me... My in game character name is McRox