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KitPvP perk balancing suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Baked3141, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Baked3141

    Baked3141 First Step

    Hey, I've noticed that KitPvP perks are really weak, that combined with paladins getting really good starter kits, often leads to a really unfair fight. I have some suggestions for the /perks shop. Cleaning is also a big problem, and I think some perk buffs would even the playing field. I don't think that these suggested buffs should be applied to all servers, just KitPvP.

    • Heal player 3 hearts instantly on kill.
    • 100% chance to apply regeneration 1 for random number of seconds based on perk level
      • Level 1 - 1-3 seconds
      • Level 2 - 3-5 seconds
      • Level 3 - 6-8 seconds
      • Level 4 - 8-10 seconds

    • 100% chance to apply resistance 1 for random number of seconds based on perk level
    • Level 1 - 1-3 seconds
    • Level 2 - 3-5 seconds
    • Level 3 - 6-8 seconds
    • Level 4 - 8-10 seconds
    • Chance to apply strength 1 (or if possible something weaker like 50% instead of 130%) for random number of seconds based on perk level
    • Level 1 - 2-3 seconds, 5%
    • Level 2 - 3-5 seconds, 10%
    • Level 3 - 6-8 seconds, 15%
    • Level 4 - 8-10 seconds, 20%
    • Chance to apply speed I or II based on perk level, for random number of seconds based on perk level.
    • Level 1 - 2-3 seconds, 10%, Speed I
    • Level 2 - 3-5 seconds, 15%, Speed I
    • Level 3 - 6-8 seconds, 20%, Speed II
    • Level 4 - 8-10 seconds, 25%, Speed II
    • Appears to also damage oneself, I could be wrong, but it seems to deal 2.5 hearts of damage to myself when it activates. Suggestion: Remove damage to oneself.
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  2. _x_AApro_x_

    _x_AApro_x_ Iron Miner

    Some stuff you saying above is allredy there, you just have you buy it. I don’t think paladins get xtra coins or perks or wtv... so really the only difference is the kit, as long as you have saved up for the better perks. Like having the max strength for 14ish seconds a chsinmail can easily beat a paladin. Just my thoughts.
  3. Baked3141

    Baked3141 First Step

    Yea the point is to balance it, not to make us have to buy extra stuff to balance it, that's not really balancing something.
  4. xMegAxCALx

    xMegAxCALx Stone Miner

    Good idea overall, maybe not have anything at a 100% chance but have it so the chances are more often, also for speedy only have speed 2 due to nobody wanting speed 1 in all honesty, i like the idea of the times being random and the strength one is really useful for people who have just had a big fight to make it fair in the fight after in a way to survive.

    thor might not be able to be fixed however i do see your point as it does damage yourself, seems more like a handicap than something you use as an advantage.
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  5. BeeBu

    BeeBu Stone Miner


    I'll break it down for you and anyone else reading.

    If you believe this is something that's unbalanced and unfair. Than make a suggestion about it and I would gladly +1 it. The fact of the matter, is that your suggestion does not suggest a change or removal of their kits. It's rather you trying to get more perks so you think it will make things fair.

    While, in retrospect, that could make sense; it just won't. Here's why.

    What if the people you deemed unfair, got these perks. Don't you think donators, that have dedicated their time and money to the server, are going to grind for these perks just like you. If these OP starter kit players have the same things as you, what's the point? You no longer have an advantage. Nor do they have a disadvantage.

    When Paladins buy the rank. They are looking for something to give them an up in pvp. Although I heavily agree that their kits are way to overpowered compared to normal kits. Nevertheless, buying extra stuff to balance something is what's called grinding. You can't start a server and expect to suddenly be on the same playing field of veterans of the server. It doesn't work like that. They started in the same spot you did, if you wanna get to where they are, then go ahead and start grinding.

    Overall, -1. You're making a suggestion that would inevitably give veterans of the server a bigger advantage than they already have. I would suggest just making Paladin kits nerfed.