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Current bugs/issues in skyblock

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by GameTigerPlaysMC, Jan 18, 2019.


do you also experience these bugs/issues?

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  1. GameTigerPlaysMC

    GameTigerPlaysMC First Step

    I have been playing here for about 3 weeks now and I notice a lot of bugs/issues in skyblock so I thought I'd just make a list of them.
    1. Spawner Bug

    You have probably already heard of this one but mob spawners spawn the mob significantly slower then about a week ago.

    2. Farm Animals can't be bred
    I know you need spawn eggs to spawn in sheep, cows, etc but after you've spawned them in they just stand still! when I try to breed them using wheat the heart particals show up but nothing happens. also you can shear sheep but they don't eat grass to regain their wool so that's a bit of a shame because I'd love to make a coloured wool farm.

    3. wild mobs don't spawn
    I have a super flat of about 70x70 in my nether made out of netherbrick blocks but noy a single thing spawns there! I want to farm wither skelly's, zombie pigman etc but I simply can't because of this issue we currently have to completely relay on spawners which is pretty boring in my opinion.

    4. glitching while running
    me and some other ppl glitch back while running which is very annoying. I have an internet cable so I normally never lag or anything.

    5. Glitching while placing loads of blocks
    I have not had this issue myself but I've heard a lot of others complain about it.

    Hopefully this list helps you guys out with fixing/improving the server!

  2. Maarten

    Maarten Owner

    We are aware of issues that have come with recent updates and are working on slowly resolving them.
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