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Spawner (Reach limit)

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by BoomBaamz, Jan 20, 2019.


Do you think spawners should have a reach limit?

  1. Yes

    13 vote(s)
  2. No

    1 vote(s)
  1. BoomBaamz

    BoomBaamz Tree Puncher

    So if i have 2 diffrent iron golem spawners for example like 50 blocks apart and there are already iron golems at 1 of the grinders, then the other iron golem spawner from 50 blocks away spawn inside that iron golem grinder which i think should be changed so it doesnt reach from that far away since u cant have seperate grinders with the same type of spawners inside your base.

    This is the same with all type of spawners
  2. _x_AApro_x_

    _x_AApro_x_ Helper

    I agree with this. Having all of the same mod spawn in one spot can’t be a bit annoying and unificent when it reaches the limit. I think a limit on this would be a good idea.
  3. SarahDespacito

    SarahDespacito First Step

  4. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

  5. Caprous

    Caprous First Step

    Frankly annoying on Factions especially since you would often need to divide grinders for certain groups of people inside your faction once you get larger. Would be impractical to make several other bases far apart from each other and apply heavy defences to them, more so on factions where claim powers are limited(lack of human resource since number of players are small in numbers, and still continues to decline), and simply a waste of time that is better used on the actual gameplay( relative but i think most faction players would feel the same, we make a base so we can have fun on other aspects of the gamemode and it's not all about recruiting players 24/7 solely as power-keeps and making bases when we don't really need to). Really hope this get changed... >:(>:(
  6. Collie1121

    Collie1121 Helper

    Skyblock Eagle
    I agree, I couldnt even make 2 boxes of igs on skyblock back when I had 21 ig spawners. So I had to make 2 boxes, but I couldnt afk at the same time.