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Free Creative!

Discussion in 'Creative' started by EchoEMG, Jan 23, 2019.


Should Creative be changed?

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  1. EchoEMG

    EchoEMG First Step

    "Creative", a word used both as an adjective to show ingenuity and a lesser-known noun that is blatantly put on this server. Snapcraft's Creative server indeed is a strange one.
    It allows non-ranked people to have two plots, yet these plots are comparatively small to Snapcraft's competitors. Yes, the server needs to make money via ranks, but having such small plots may seem like an insult to a new player. If plots don't increase, then the number of acquirable ones must. This would allow players to feel like their builds are not be constricted, thus let them build better and more often. Having more plots would also help attract new players to the server.
    However, the actual building is lackluster compared to Snapcraft's competitors. For some reason, all redstone usage is doled out thinly after voting for this server, which is outrageous in its own regard, since servers should EARN their votes, not force their players through a gauntlet of extracting their independence. To fix this, maybe the staff should raise the prize of the vote, but not have it disrupt basic principles of this game. This would both encourage voting and allow players to have more unrestricted building and playing, or otherwise known as fun.
    In addition, Creative is too touchy about items. The system deletes most non-building items, which is just random and pointless. If you decide to color some leather boots and name them, you might delete them just by moving them in your inventory. This queer restriction is only backed by the argument of, "It'll stop hacked items". However, that's completely irrelevant as this is a Creative server, where you are in Creative mode, so having god items wouldn't matter. However, I must cede at kill potions, which means all splash potions must remain blocked. Although, regular potions (that you hold in your hand and can only apply to yourself) would add convenience for, an example being able to see in dark places, the players in their oppressed building environment.
    It is for these reasons that I urge management to make some changes to the Creative server, while your high vote count still lasts.
  2. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    All plots are the same size, people just merge them together to make them bigger.

    I do agree with most of the things stated here
  3. Majestical

    Majestical Helper

    Skyblock Angel
    All plots for any rank is 75x75. Ranked players get to merge their plots, which I don't think was brought up to give to non-ranks when we gave them the option for two plots. Non-ranks get two plots for the build comps, they were purposely gave for that reason. A lot of servers have them vote for something such as w/e, redstone, etc. I assume redstone is something to vote for so it isn't overly used to cause lag or something other. Blocks that you're not able to get as a normal player is something the rank Legend gives you permission to get with the command /i (item ID).
  4. Maarten

    Maarten Owner

    Anything blocked such as armor and items is blocked for a very good reason, if they are given to players they can easily crash clients, corrupt chunks and more nasty things. I only think it is reasonable that if you want to use redstone something that is intensive to the server you do something extremely easy in return. The plots used to be smaller(50x50) as did every creative server at the time. Bigger plots would require a bigger world thus more resources keep in mind that the Snapcraft creative server since its last reset has had over 500.000 people log in and claims plots but most importantly a reset something most players will hate and cause them to quit. I hope this info makes our choices understandable.
  5. TheCrazyCorn

    TheCrazyCorn Gold Miner

    Creative Legend
    It's true that non-ranked players have 2 plots now due to the build comp. One to use for the comp and one to have fun with. Although that is a nice update I think non-ranked people should be able to merge these plots. If they are not good at building, but still want to make something big. They can then just merge the plots together.
    I also think that the time for Redstone usage by voting should be increased. Not that you get 24h for each vote, but when you vote like 4 times you get the 24 hour, so when time runs out from your last vote you can still build with Redstone. So:
    1st vote: 1h
    2nd vote: 1h
    3rd vote: 2h
    4th vote:12-24h
    5th vote:12-24h

    Why not 24h at the fifth vote?
    Votes do not always register, if you vote 5 times and one doesn't register you still don't get the time you should get. So thats why the fourth and the fifth vote are the same.

  6. TheCrazyCorn

    TheCrazyCorn Gold Miner

    Creative Legend
    Also, you can increase the plot size if you really wanted to. Just make a sperate server for the new plot size. So you gave 2 creative servers.
    Or if you want one. That the new plots you claim are bigger than the ones you have now. So it's your own choice to claim another bigger plot.