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Suggestions - Frames_

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by realJustJoking, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. realJustJoking

    realJustJoking First Step

    Hello all players on Snapcraft.
    ( These suggestions are for KitPvP! )

    First off i would like to say, it's really an amazing server, i've only been playing here for a week, and i really enjoy my time spent here. Keep up the good work ^-^

    Make an area for one-man outposts, with money or gear rewards (Prot 1, Prot2).
    - It's like Outpost we know from a lot of faction servers, just one-man knockoff, would really be nice to see.

    Make loot private for 5-10 seconds, when you kill another guy.
    - We've all tried to kill someone, and a kid runs through, gets all the loot, and logs or goes to spawn. That's annoying af. So i would suggest that the killer, could have the loot non-pickup able for others in 10 seconds

    Improve Anti-Cheat please!
    - i've seen a lot of bhoppers recently, and they aren't getting banned until we contact a staff member, to ban him, and that's really annoying, because we just wanna pvp ya know.

    Make private vaults, for Member, Warrior, Knight and Paladin.
    - A double-sized enderchest aren't enough, please add a few vaults for each rank.

    Fix the water at the lake!
    - I really have no idea, other than you should try it yourself. The lake is bugged af.

    New suggestion (January 30th)

    Make money on heads
    Make the reward cut 10-5% off the current money the player has, i've seen it on a former server, and it's really nice !

    That's all, i hope you can use some of my suggestions and feedback.
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  2. BoomBaamz

    BoomBaamz Tree Puncher

    I really agree to add Loot Protection once u kill someone because it can be a bit annoying when someone steals your loot.

    And vaults should really be added. You don't really have any space to store the loot when it gets full.
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  3. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    - there’s already a target thing on kit so personally I don’t like the outpost idea
    -loot protection is very nice to have so I agree with that
    - better AC, gets worked on every day and small changes happens every now and then, it’s getting better
    - /pv would be neat
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  4. zethfull

    zethfull First Step

    I personally really want to see /back removed from Kitpvp, I'tis really annoying when someone just keeps coming back after you killed them and tries to pick up all the loot faster than you or kills you while you're still low on hearts.
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  5. TheGDLoudmouth

    TheGDLoudmouth Iron Miner

    I personally want to see some sort of lot system like in Prison. Getting a dude's head aint' as worth it if you can't easily show off.
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  6. realJustJoking

    realJustJoking First Step

    Made a new suggestion about money and redeeming heads ^^
  7. Majestical

    Majestical Helper

    Skyblock Angel
    I'd kind of agree with what zethfull said about removing /back. All /back does is give players a chance to go clean you after you've won. Theres people who will /back on you 3-5 times until they finally win. It isn't really too fun especially if you've won fairly and no one wants to just be cleaned after they've won.
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  8. Tabbott

    Tabbott First Step

    I really like the loot protection idea, the amount of times I managed to kill someone with paladin kit and then someone swoops past and takes the loot.

    I would like to see speed potions removed from the higher kits, maybe replaced with something else. It really sucks that if you just got a kill and got some loot to keep for yourself, there is nearly no escape from the paid players as they just pop their speed potion, come back, and kill you. But that calls for another thread sometime in the future.
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