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Nimea Chronicles: Slayer of doom. (Rhyme poem by me.)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic (Other)' started by SkyCloudia, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. SkyCloudia

    SkyCloudia Tree Puncher

    In a world filled with wicked evil to no end,
    the last hero of Earth pours out his power to lend.
    However he made a grave mistake leading to his demise,
    he let loose the raging storm where evil originates in disguise.
    Upon hearing the dying man's last breath near,
    all of the rage inside phantom lady Nimea was to fear.
    Clawing through the hero's enemies she smiles,
    thinking that now would be the time to cleanse what the evil defiles.
    With that she prayed in hopes of peace and love so soon,
    sacrificing herself to the underworld - to defeat the source marked with doom.
    Raging red skies turned blue and nature has once again been made,
    gauging on the back of the devil is Nimea's blade.

    Are you a slayer of doom, how do you deal with negative situations? We'll never know unless we try once, just like Nimea. Never do something out of hate, do it for the peace inside you and the world.

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  2. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    Beautiful poem!
  3. SkyCloudia

    SkyCloudia Tree Puncher

    Aw thanks! I really like doing poems like these, so that people may smile. :)
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