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Darkness dome chronicles: Tears of the world. (Old story of mine)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic (Other)' started by SkyCloudia, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. SkyCloudia

    SkyCloudia Tree Puncher

    In a time where nothingness existed, the vision is stripped off your eyes - is an endless darkness. A sole survivor of that of this dimension tragedy is sleeping, as her mind does not respond. The only thing that can be seen in this deserted abyss is the eyes of the Dark Hero which slumbers within a barrier amidst the crimson red liquid, that red liquid are her tears she produces within her eternal sleep. Bathing in the red liquid for many thousands of years, she became the strongest being in all dimensions as her tears give off dark power to the one who touches them with their skin.

    It’s no wonder that her eyes are crimson red and her eye stone is that of a demon’s, yet her slender goddess-like appearance surpasses every living being even human or not human. Her hair is light blue due to freezing her emotions, however the most surprising thing is that she’s completely human. This girl had cursed her world in the past when she was eighteen years old, feeling betrayed abandoned and lost in hate. She sold her soul to the devil in her dreams, but the devil regretted it soon after. After they made the contract, the girl was possessed and killed the devil with her bare hands. The devil’s last words were faint, but he made out an incomplete sentence.. ‘’Ah.. So you’re the..’’ ‘’...’’ The girl could not hear the devil’s last words and ended up killing her world in her sleep leaving nothing but darkness in the world, yet she knew what was happening because she was too powerful for her own good.

    She had no home or family, no friends, and because of that she deemed the world unworthy of her love. To other dimensions the tragedy was called the Ekrydilziya Curse and many forces of darkness worshipped the sole survivor, many attempted to connect with their thoughts to the Dark Hero but nobody knew her name to be successful. As the girl slept, she felt like she needed to get out of her dimension and dropped one crimson tear from her eye towards another world. That world was in the medieval times, where magic and other supernatural creatures resided amongst humans. As it were any other normal day, the tear got closer and closer to it’s target dropping out of the sky.

    Among the supernatural forces in that time was the last angel of it’s kind, his name was Azevalt. He is of royal angel blood, white hair and ocean blue eyes and became the strongest among his Dalazark kingdom’s knights only at age nineteen. He was really handsome and was proposed to by many noble women, but he refused each and every one of them. His holy power told him there is an event that could change the universe happening soon, so he can’t get tied down to something like marriage. True enough, in the current year 971 he got hit by the crimson tear on his cheek.

    He tried wiping it off but it went deep into his skin and disappeared. Shocked by what just happened, Azevalt went to the castle to report it to the king. As soon as the king hears the two words ‘’crimson tear’’ the king turned pale and asked if he was sure, as Azevalt nodded the king stood up from the throne hastily and ordered the knights and him to never speak of this to anyone. The king explained this was a matter of great honor, as the Dark Hero had chosen Azevalt to communicate with her. Only knowing a little about the stories of the female who created the tragedy in her dimension he gulped in nervousness, but he was soon ushered to the training grounds to activate the communication spell between him and the Dark Hero. As one year had passed, Azevalt had finally reached the dimension of darkness with his mind.

    Estrellis: Ah..!

    As she snapped her eyes open her barrier broke and she could think again, however she was slowly dying as the darkness all around is consuming her. Unable to move she used the rest of her energy to transfer her body to Azevalt’s world, before she lost consciousness she shouted a plea..

    Estrellis: Help me!!

    As soon as Azevalt heard it clearly he looked around for the source of the alarming bell chiming voice, the spirits in heaven told him to look up in the sky and saw a young girl’s body falling towards where he is standing. Azevalt was hesitant about using his angel wings since it had been so long ago, however he had no time to be indecisive and spread his wings flying towards the girl. As the training ground knights watched him fly into the air, they noticed the unusual sight of a female body falling in mid-air. The knights cheered on Azevalt to save the young girl and encouraged him with shouts, soaring through the skies in a hurry Azevalt caught the girl in his arms and started landing back on the training grounds.

    Every single knight in the training grounds fell in love with the girl’s sleeping appearance, and blushed slightly looking at her face. Azevalt was confused why everyone was staring and then looked at the girl, then he understood what they felt. Love at first sight, she is a goddess in human form.

    Meanwhile in the demon kingdom Krutzvult, an unknown being watched from afar with his all seeing eyes.

    Demonic voice: Tch.. they got to her before we did, what a troublesome girl.

    Demonic servant: My lord, the crown prince has arrived.

    As the crown prince Dreynold of the underworld walks in, a terrifying aura comes out of hiding from within him. His hair was fiery red and his golden demonic eyes shone against every shadow, two short fangs could be seen in his handsome smile. He never liked being born a demon, on the contrary he wanted to explore the human world. But on the orders of the king he could not step foot out of the underworld, fed up with his father’s rule he is now currently cold towards him. Apparently he had been summoned on his 19th birthday, nothing good can come out of this he thought.

    Dreynold: What is it this time, father?

    As the demon king Draizin sat up from his chair, the snapped his fingers revealing a book in mid-air.

    Draizin: My son, it is time you found yourself a bride. For that occasion, I will send you on a journey to the human world to find the Dark Knight. Take this book with you, it contains information of her past and location.

  2. Ashie

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    Can’t wait for the rest
  3. SkyCloudia

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    Thank you, I'll make sure to finish it when I have time. :)
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  5. SkyCloudia

    SkyCloudia Tree Puncher

    Hope you liked it :-D
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    Try reading this when the music of the Snapcraft lobby is playing.