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Was my decision worth my money?

Discussion in 'Kit PvP' started by TheNatrix01zz, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. TheNatrix01zz

    TheNatrix01zz First Step

    EG VIP
    Well yesterday i went on the store and i decided, Hey i have not spent money on this server in awhile. so i went to the store and to kitpvp. I bought myself paladin about 2-3 stacks of keys a stack of god apples and Gsets (wich are bad against custom enchants) Was my choice of using my money like that worth it?
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  2. _x_AApro_x_

    _x_AApro_x_ Helper

    Well if it’s worth it or not is up to you. But paladin rank gives many useful perks, such as /fix and /back. Also the set you bought is very powerful on its own but also a great start of a g set because you can add lots of custom Enchants. So again your choice if you think it’s worth it but everything is helpful.
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  3. oChampie

    oChampie Tree Puncher

    Yesndef worth it allthough i dont know about the keys(theycna begood toget some money. But watch out with ur gset i was a gsteplayer and all i can say is people with3-7 gsets will jump on you when you go down so be careful or get a good team.
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  4. Ashie

    Ashie Helper

    Yeah the whole target thing is quite annoying when you spend money like that but it’s up to you if it’s worth it or not. :3
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  5. EvilSouls

    EvilSouls Helper

    I think It's worth it, Paladin is a really nice rank, although I don't have it :XD:
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  6. SlimeySkeleton

    SlimeySkeleton First Step

    I think that it was worth it, I myself have warrior rank the ''worst'' / lowest of the three ranks and it actually helps a lot ingame. And the godsets was also worth it I would say, since if Im not completely screwed in my head there was a sale on the kit pvp ranks and items. BUT the last part is for you to decide, you are the one who decides if it really was worth it.
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