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TheLG KitPVP Gang Recruitment!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by TheGDLoudmouth, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. TheGDLoudmouth

    TheGDLoudmouth Stone Miner

    Ever been in that situation where your facing a dude with full enchanted diamond armor and you just got the member kit on?
    Ever been killed by some Paladin when your gear ain't even worth it and you didn't hit him at all?
    Then TheLG gang is the place for you!
    Dedicated to the Little Guys who just want to play without spending any money. Group up together and take on any enemy!
    The gang bank account is dedicated to help create gear and weapons for our members, it's at your disposal!

    Only put as much money in the bank as your willing to lose. The bank account is for making armor and weapons.

    This group is for Warriors and under. If you happen to, at some point in time, get Paladin or Knight WELL AFTER you joined, that's fine. We won't keep you from doing so.

    If the above is the case, try to refrain from starting fights with newbs and members. 1: Their gear probably ain't worth it, and 2: They probably don't want to fight an enchanted-armor clad beast of destruction.

    We are dedicated to the newbs and members on this server. If you see one fighting a heavily enchanted foe, try and help em' out. It's not required, but a good suggestion.

    Contact TheGDLoudmouth in-game or comment with your in-game name, rank if any, and experience with the game and you'll be put under consideration.
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  2. TheGDLoudmouth

    TheGDLoudmouth Stone Miner

    No one?