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Survival Reset Suggestions & Ideas

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Rinn Kimmichi, Feb 10, 2019.


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  1. Rinn Kimmichi

    Rinn Kimmichi First Step

    Everyone or at least most individuals on the survival server have been waiting and asking fo a reset for quite some time now. It's been three years, the server had a great run but it's 2019, a new year meaning we need a new and fresh start to the server that we all know and love. Resetting the survival server opens a lot more opportunity for newer members of the server to get comfortable with the map without running into already claimed land every few meters or grieved houses that obstruct the beauty of the landscape. If possible I think it would be very helpful and the community would be very grateful if you guys could figure out a way to reset survival without reseting peoples personal stats or at least their money that some people worked really hard for, it's not a must have but it'd be nice if it was a possibility. Another fun and fresh idea to go along with the reset is the introduction of a new spawn area to mark the beginning of a new era and chapter in the server. To add to the economy aspect of the server it would be nice if the spawn area was something like a town or a underground train station. You spawn in the train, you talk to different villagers maybe behind counters or in front of maps and you can visit the gift shop to shop for things like in /shop and you can have three different portals down a hallway to the nether, end and random tpa. across from that there could be vote crates and I'll leave the placement of the dungeons to you guys. We have vote rewards which is great, an interesting addition to the vote rewards could be the ability to use world edit, considering there's a lot of talented builders in the server I think it would be nice to cater to them for a change and give them the ability to use world edit for 24 hours or at least until they log out and also maybe add /fly to the vote rewards to get more people excited about supporting the server. I know that there's a lot to read here, if you made it this far thank you for reading an if you want more ideas from me or to hear my opinion leave a comment down below or message me on discord at Rinn#8688
  2. XDBlaze325

    XDBlaze325 Gold Miner

    Survival Ultra
    This has been suggested multiple times and all we have ever got from the staff is "the survival reset is in are big todo list and a date has not been confirmed". So before a staff member says it i will. A server reset date will be posted on the forms.
  3. Rinn Kimmichi

    Rinn Kimmichi First Step

    Well, I was told by the owner that I should post on forums my ideas and suggestions and they would consider it. Be sure to take part in the poll so that they know how many people actually want the reset to happen or not
  4. XDBlaze325

    XDBlaze325 Gold Miner

    Survival Ultra
    They know we want a reset if you look you will find multiple people giving suggestions and asking for a reset and the staff say the same thing every time.
  5. Ashie

    Ashie Mod

    It hasn’t even been 2 years since last reset but we all agree it’s time for a reset which they’re probably working towards but you can’t rush things more than needed.

    Resetting everything but your player level and rank is kind of the point in a complete reset, having your money, mcmmo etc still would break the economy and it’s not pleasant for newer people.

    Every reset there’s a new map so no doubt they’re do that this time too.

    I don’t agree with the ability to use world edit on survival, ruins the main part of the server, to spend time building massive structures.

    You get /fly with VIP+, it’s not expensive to get. Adding it to voting would be bad for staff, not knowing who’s hacking and not, as well as ruin the reason to buy the rank in the first place.

    Just some of my opinion on this :)
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  6. Joltz

    Joltz Mod

    Survival VIP+
    Agree with everything said here.
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  7. Crackalackin

    Crackalackin Iron Miner

    Survival was reset in July 2016 which means it's been up for like 2 years and 7 months, but yeah I agree to everything Ashie said.
  8. Bunny_Rabbits

    Bunny_Rabbits Gold Miner

    Factions Immortal
    Last reset was 2 years and 9 months ago
  9. Squaker

    Squaker Gold Miner

    Try to not reply to threads that are 1 month+ old.