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Skyblock's Nerd Teaches Redstone

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Wrys, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Wrys

    Wrys Helper

    The Grammatically Incorrect
    Complete Redstone Guide
    101 for Nerds
    Cobble generators randomly spawn any of the corresponding blocks after each consecutive broken block or upon initial lava + water reaction:
    Emerald ore, Diamond ore, Redstone ore, Iron ore, Gold ore, Coal ore, cobble stone.
    Below is a visual guide (figure 1.) to aid you in making your first cobble generator.
    (Figure 1. Below| Untextured, 30 degree isometric view of a model Cobble generator. Source: Googled "cobble gen".)
    Random ore generation is not a vanilla feature. A specific plug-in for ore generation has been implemented into the Skyblock Server for a unique experience. Rare ore appearances in your cobble generator are proportional to the level of your island, however ore spawning rates are limited to an obscure level capacity. Save time, be lazier, make this:
    (Figure 2. Below |Compact 3x Cobble generator. Screenshot from Minecraft Pocket edition. Source: Googled "giant cobble gen".)
    Probably will take me 30 minutes to type this answer up. I'm going to do this last lol.
    I recommend reading this dictionary like I did when I was 6.
    Uncompleted guide, I got lazy

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  2. Tealor

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  3. qazen4

    qazen4 Stone Miner

    "I got lazy" xD, Teach me to terraform next wrys. Ur a god
  4. Ashie

    Ashie Helper

    Pls I fna
  5. Wrys

    Wrys Helper

    Motivation & dedication = quality of my build. Why do I terraform? I don’t terraform to add onto the island; I do it to express myself. For me, my terraforming skills are rooted from emotion. If you look around the island, you can see I’ve had a lot of ‘emotion’ :/. Personally, happiness is what fuels my motivation most of the time. The will to complete it changes, sometimes I just drop projects for weeks on end.

    That’s for me, anyways.

    I would imagine most people terraform to make their island look good. I can’t give you many tips on that, other than ‘go with the flow’ and stand back to look at your builds once in a while.
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