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Discussion in 'Factions' started by zycjun, Feb 14, 2019.

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  1. zycjun

    zycjun First Step

    In the past my friend and I who use this server often have constantly had trouble with other players being able to do things in our base they absolutely wouldn't normally be able to without hacking, and whenever we have tried to inform the staff we only got attitude in return. They have insisted that the only way to actually punish a player who was hacking is to have video evidence, which is nearly impossible since they're never on the server destroying our base at the same time we are online.

    We only have photo evidence since the video thing was pretty much impossible. We have land claiming all of the surrounding area, yet there is damage done to the center of our base, which shouldn't be possible. I believe there are several plugins that allow admins to see who damaged or placed certain blocks, so could someone message me so we can figure this out and confirm that this was someone hacking? And if it wasn't, any suggestions on how it happened? Items were also stolen from chests in our claimed land and our animals were all killed (not sure if them being in our land protects them or not but I figured I would mention it).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :) My ign is zycjun or you can contact my friend Angela_Pink on the server. I attached photos of just a few of the areas that took damage, and we'll be leaving them that way until someone can come take a look.
    bookshelf-evidence.png room-evidence.png tree-evidence.png
  2. KotDE

    KotDE Tree Puncher

    I can't make heads or tails of your screenshots, because they are so disjointed. The damage here is reminiscent of a creeper explosion, which is perfectly legit, and I can't see you having any sorts of raiding protection, just a pretty base.
    And even if 'they' (whoever they are) did indeed hack, it is nearly impossible to prove without video evidence. Minecraft limitations and its privacy policy does not allow admins or anti-cheat software to see what kinds of mods or texturepacks the client is using. Anticheats can only detect unusual patterns associated with hacks, like mining straight to diamonds or flying when the server does not allow you to.
    And you say that items were stolen from chests. Not 'chests were blown up'. The only ones that can access chests on the faction land are faction members (and maybe allies, never tested it out, I'm paranoid).
    On that note, I'll leave it to staff. Maybe I helped, maybe not.
    Kot out.
  3. Angela_Pink

    Angela_Pink First Step

    none of our members took stuff out of the chests they have no need to. Most of these chests were behind walls and the person (I'm certain I know who they are) took stuff out without even opening the wall or blowing up the chests. Unless the person spawned creepers in our base it wasn't us. The reason the blown up areas are so weird is because there's a lot of land we claimed around the base and the only way they could have blown up the spots they did is by placing the tnt or whatever on our land (We've tested this to see if it was possible from the outside) It couldn't be fire because you can't place fire on another person's base. There are at least softwares for minecraft servers that do tell you who did what and what they did it with (World Edit) I've played on many servers that have it.
  4. Crackalackin

    Crackalackin Stone Miner

    Not much can be done without the actual clip of the hacker breaking the claimed area, pretty much what KotDE said. Maybe you could write a support ticket if you didn't already.
  5. Jedz

    Jedz Admin

    If you video evidence of someone hacking then please open a support ticket here:https://snapcraft.net/support-tickets/open

    We don't have the plugin on this server to see who placed/broke blocks. Since it is factions it is likely a faction member may have insided you.
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