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Casino w/ new machines!

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by qazen4, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. qazen4

    qazen4 Stone Miner

    Casino at /is warp qazen4 has been updated with new gambling machines! Just warp and head in the building and go to the 3rd floor for the casino. These aren't a way for me to make money, most of them give out wins more than losses. Just my way to give away some of my money fairly and let people have some fun :) Just msg me when I'm on to play. Here are the three machines so far:

    Yeet's Lotto: A lotto to win very valuable prizes for cheap. Last one was very successful! IG spawner: Manitobruh, Zombie pigman Spawner: Pvt_Nheo, Spider spawner: RedstoneDudeHD. Over 100 players entered over 100k Iron blocks! Special thanks to Mani and Nheo who accounted for over 50% of the entries. Current one is for a creeper spawner, 1M and 300k, drawing is April 1st. A new one will start the same day! Come to my casino and drop iron blocks renamed to your IGN to enter. 1 Iron block = 1 entry so the more you put in the better your chances! Unlimited Entries.

    Yeet's Lotto 2.0: A cash lotto just like the real lotto. Each entry is 10k, for each entry rename a stick and rename it to your IGN and 6 numbers 0-9. Ex: qazen4 123456. Rename 2 and keep one for yourself so you can check if you won. Drop the other and pay me when I'm on. I will not be checking every stick to see if it won. I will only check winners who come to claim their prizes. Next drawing: March 1st. How to win: On the day of the drawing I will use the lotto machine in the room where you enter to choose the winning numbers. For your numbers to be correct they must match and be in the same position. Ex: Your numbers: 123456, Winning numbers: 123546 = 4 Numbers correct! Prizes:
    2 numbers correct: 20k, 3 numbers correct: 40k, 4 numbers correct: 100k, 5 numbers correct: 200k, 6 numbers correct: Cash pool of all entries. If nobody wins the jackpot, the pool will keep going until someone does!

    Epic Loot Box: For 20k you can get 3 random items from a list of really great rewards! To stop people from abusing it since its a win a good amount of the time, this one is limited to 5 boxes per day per player. Ill list some of the possible rewards here:
    Spawners (blaze, skelly, zombie, passive, etc.), god weapons, legendary tools, keys, 250k, 150k, 100k, 50k, 10k, /kit eagle, gaps, artifacts, hoppers, p4 armor, eagle tools, diamond blocks, emerald blocks, spawn eggs, and my very own mob coins that can be used in my slot machines!

    Wool Single Wheel Slot Machine: This slot takes any bid from 1k-1M. 6M is the max you can make in one day. How it works: You pay me your bid then I start the wheel. If it lands on white wool: Your bid is lost. If it lands on purple wool: you get half your bid back. If it lands on red wool: You get 2x your bid back. If it lands on blue wool: You get 3x your bid!

    Triple Lamps Slot Machine: This slot takes my very own mob coins! 4 different ways to play depending on which mob coin you enter. My coins can be received from my drop parties, Epic loot box, or purchased at my currency exchange. Prices/rewards: Skelly Coins - $100/$300 Blaze Coins - $800/$2400 Creeper Coins - $15000/$30000 IG Coins - $30000/Random Spawner or key(no commons).

    Blackjack: Same rules as regular blackjack. A dropper hopper system is used to shuffle and deal the cards. You bet 1k-1M and play against the dealer. I wont go into the rules of blackjack here. If you win you get 2x your bet. If you get a blackjack you get 3x your bet!

    Roulette: A dropper contains 4 black wool, 4 red wool and 1 cyan wool. Bet anything from 1k-1M on black or red. If you get the color you chose you get 2x your bet. Bet anything from 1k-500k on Cyan. If you get cyan you get 4x your bet!

    Poker: Same rules as Texas hold poker. Suits are diamond, gold, iron, and emerald. Hopper dropper system shuffles and deals the cards. Play against your friend for one hand or against me. If it is against a friend, 10% of all bets go to the house. You chose the starting bet, anywhere from 10k-300k. Also set up tournaments with me to play one with your friends with a chosen buy in.

    More player vs player gambling coming soon.

    More coming soon! Msg me with any questions/for coin purchases/to play
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  2. Ashie

    Ashie Helper

    Sounds like fun :)
  3. psychowaffles

    psychowaffles Helper

    Will surely have to check it out! Does sound pretty cool. :v:v
  4. EvilSouls

    EvilSouls Gold Miner

    This sounds really good!
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  5. qazen4

    qazen4 Stone Miner

    New Casino games added! Check them out, dont forget about the two lottos, big prizes. Drawings are both on Mar 1st!
  6. qazen4

    qazen4 Stone Miner

    New lotto started ending on April 1st. Dont forget to enter to win! Also I'm trying to think of new player vs player gambling since I dont want it all to be solely based on odds I make. Let me know if you have any Ideas!
  7. Lucas S

    Lucas S Stone Miner

    Lots of effort goes into this. Keep it up!