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Ideas for Skyblock

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by qazen4, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. qazen4

    qazen4 Stone Miner

    Just a few ideas I thought of for Skyblock. Dont know how possible they are but it would be cool if they were added.

    1) Building mcmmo - Level up by placing blocks. Perks for higher levels could be faster place rate, chance to receive some of the cheaper blocks back when placed, and low chance to receive valuable blocks back when placed at a high level.

    2) Hopper limit change: To be the same as spawner limit at 80 would be nice or a way to get it up. Like the higher your island level, the more you can place. Or a way to buy a higher limit in /buy.

    3) More perks for having a higher island level other than more ores in a cobble gen because those dont help much after you've gotten far enough.

    Added a comment below that explains #3 more since it was questioned :)
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  2. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    Mcmmo is a plugin that’s made by someone else, building is not a part of that plugin so I doubt that’ll happen.

    I do agree with the other two suggestions
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  3. EvilSouls

    EvilSouls Gold Miner

    I also agree with your second and third idea.
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  4. qazen4

    qazen4 Stone Miner

    Yeah to clarify I knew it was a plug-in and didn’t expect it to be added was just sharing my ideas :) . The part about being cool if it was added was mainly for the second one!
  5. Twiggy

    Twiggy Void Walker

    All stuff that potentially could be looked at during a later time. I personally like your 2nd option.
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  6. psychowaffles

    psychowaffles Helper

    The second suggestion is good, I like it, clearly with tweaking maybe possible future implementation. Like the third idea as well, but what kind of perks?
  7. qazen4

    qazen4 Stone Miner


    I didnt put too much thought into it but I was thinking either some sort of rewards system or a way to get higher limits as mentioned above. Or both! Maybe something like /c. But /c doesnt give very good rewards for anyone will a good amount of money. Maybe like different tiers of islands get different rewards. Or (I assume this is too much to ask) but some sort of ranking system for islands that go along with your paid rank. Not necessarily with any perms or rewards, just something that shows in chat when you talk. Like [159] [20k is level rank name] [eagle] tuqbe. I can see how it might be too much but it would make people want to level up their island and be more active rather than just afking like all the top players do. Also heres an example of what rewards could be:

    500 Island Levels = Money reward
    1k Island Levels = Money reward and Global level XP
    2.5k Island Levels = Money reward, Hopper limit up, and maybe tools of some kind
    5k Island Levels = Money reward + Rare keys or some other keys
    7.5k Island Levels = Free Daily Keys?
    10k Island Levels = Money Reward, Global level EXP and hopper limit up
    12.5k Island Levels = Money Reward and keys
    15k Island Levels = Money Reward, Global level EXP and spawner limit up?
    17.5k Island Levels = Money Reward, Global level EXP and keys
    20k Island Levels = Money Reward, Global level EXP, hopper limit up and leg keys?
    Kinda seems OP I know but its just and general idea of what I mean. If the rewards are worth going for for richer players then they will stay active to achieve those rewards. That's my main goal here is to give Skyblock players more to work towards other than getting money by afking at their grinders 24/7. Also m4rc cant be my only competition at #1 island level. Thats no fun :)
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  8. Tr4ce_

    Tr4ce_ First Step

    I think the rewards system would be an awesome incentive for people to grow their islands bigger.
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  9. CyprozKing

    CyprozKing First Step

    I can agree to this idea. To have some kind of reward for a certain island level reached would make it more enjoyable for players and maybe make players become more active as qazen said a lot of us players AFK our grinders as the best way to make money. This idea is great!
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  10. griz____

    griz____ First Step

    I agree with the 2nd and 3rd idea.
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  11. xPandaaa

    xPandaaa First Step

    I agree most with the second idea, changing the hopper limit would be great for people that have lots of grinders and farms. All of these ideas are great though!
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