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Stained Glass on /shop (FACTIONS)

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by austiko, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. austiko

    austiko First Step

    I believe it would be a very good idea if you guys put stained glass in the /shop, instead of having to buy the dye and buying regular glass, then dying it. Doing this would save a lot of time. Most servers already have stained glass implemented in the /shop.
  2. qazen4

    qazen4 Stone Miner

    I agree it would be nice to have that on factions, skyblock etc. I could be wrong but I think they just dont want to clutter the shop with every color glass, wool, etc just to save a little time when its ingredients can be purchased and created instantly with the crafting GUI or just spending a little time at a crafting table. Believe it or not a lot of servers actually have a lot less on their shops and leave it up to you to get the rest.
  3. psychowaffles

    psychowaffles Helper

    I'm neutral on this, It would certainly save a few seconds purchasing pre-stained glass for sure, could simplify things a bit,. Then again you could always;

    :mc1:Create / buy 8 glass blocks.Make/ buy 1 dye of any color
    :mc2:Place the 8 glass blocks into the crafting table, filling all boxes except the center one.
    :mc3:Place your dye of choice in the center box.
    :mc4:Take the 8 stained glass blocks that the crafting table gives you.