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Suggestions for realms

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by mikevanhattem, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. mikevanhattem

    mikevanhattem First Step

    Maby someting like a reward system could be added for the levels you earn? But like on a time limit so its sortoff like a kit but in the form of a chest. Example lvl 10 get a sky money bag and a stack of beef each 3 days (other stuff depends on what you would like to add to the reward sytem) and like lvl 100 would be a royal or king money bag and a set of diamond tools whit eff 3 unbreaking 3 etc etc. each 3 days.
    Maby a reward system for donors:
    Like i get we got our perks and im happy whit the king stuff i get from my rank but i mean like maby a monthly thing. Example: a elder would get a iron key each 15 days. and king would maby get like a diamond or emerald key each 15 days. like of course other stuff could be added or more etc its just a example.
    since i dont see alot of events hosted at realms and nobody realy does pvp because well it aint the most populair mode (but that can chance at some point of course just needs a little love) how about a plugin that hosts boss events at random points in the map. like we got random treasure boxes when mining (forgot the name) but how about in each zone at each restart at random points of the map even in caves and above ground there will be special mob bosses that if defeated gives you a reward. maby a new boss money bag. maby just random ingots emeralds diamonds etc depending on the higher the zone boss is the higher the reward. maby if you get past lvl 16 zone bosses you have a small chance to getting a key like how we sometimes find iron keys in those mine box treasures but instead of mining it gives you a reason to always carry and use a good sword making the zones more dangerous and exciting cus you cant just run away anymore.
    anyway those are my suggestions. i can think of way more but i dont wana make this into a massive tread so i might just put those down at a later point after im done working all weekend

    - mikevanhattem aka angelofdarkness(cus king nickname lol)
  2. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    Personally I only like the event suggestion, cause it does sound like a fun idea
  3. Squaker

    Squaker Gold Miner

    I agree with what Ashley said about the bosses, I find it to be very interesting as in instead of using just zombies or skeletons they could use a "Giant" and it could be programmed to have an HP bar like the Ender Dragon / Wither Skeleton.