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Suggestions For Skyblock

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by DarthDarthWader, Mar 27, 2019.


Is there anything I'm missing? If so please respond

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  1. DarthDarthWader

    DarthDarthWader Tree Puncher

    Hello this is DarthDarthCow, and this is my first time posting on forums, so I hope I do this right xD.
    These following things are my suggestions to skyblock to make SnapCraft an even better server!

    ~Add Anti--Grief Settings

    Perhaps this is just me but Island has been griefed A couple of times on this server.
    I believe that we should have a way for the island leader to detect who broke what block. This is a good and effective way to eliminate griefers, and a way to prove your island has sadly been griefed.
    Also we should have a feature for the island leader to block certain blocks from being broken and placed. For example you want to hire someone to make a cow farm. but your afraid they will steal your valuables. You can type a command and point your mouse cursor at the block you wanna protect.

    ~Improve The Member Rank
    I don't know about you, but from what I can see the member rank isn't that special. so far we can only do /kit member. Kit member isn't that good but it's still nice though only having 1 different thing for members than "No Ranks" stops people without ranks from syncing there account to our website. One thing to encourage our fellow players to get the member rank is too change the color of the Member Rank. Right now our rank is this color now this color is not very noticeable in chat, I think its less noticeable then not having a rank, and many new players don't know that we even have the member rank, I thing to help this is put member rank in /warp info. One way to make this rank better is changing its color to light blue or green. Another thing with the lower ranks is I believe that we should be able to type in color but have a cooldown of perhaps 30mins.

    ~Overall Ranks

    I believe some ranks should be purchasable with In-game-money, so players without credit cards can have ranks too. For example VIP=1 to 5 million. VIP+=5 to 10 million. MVP=50million perhaps? Though I believe that it shouldn't go past rank MVP. Also to purchase these you need to have sync your account to the server. This Will stop there being so many players without ranks from quitting the server.


    -Be able to sell named items in chest shops.

    -Lower the price of spawner pickaxes, perhaps make them 10 time use. This should be here so spawner Pickaxes are not just used for Creeper Or Iron Golem spawners.

    -Make mob heads a 25% drop from Decapitate Enchantment

    -Have more websites to vote for server in /vote

    -Perhaps remove PVP warp since no one ever goes there and since we have a wonderful KitPvp server.

    -add a way to vote for good islands, so they can gain popularity.

    -add a setting in /is settings to toggle TNT explodes.

    -allow a party leader to create a 2nd Island that everyone in party contributes too. (perhaps party needs to have more than 4 people)

    -Create a way to msg helpers that are on any snapcraft server.

    -Have way to disable mob stacking, since that can break grinders. this should be in /is settings

    -Have "Is Lock" and "Is Unlock" settings in /is settings

    -Remove bedrock from store since not buyable

    -make auction house not accept "Named Items" to stop advertisement for their warps or For other severs.

    -make artifact collector be in /warps and move it next to the enchant tables in spawn, so new players can find it simpler.

  2. DarthDarthWader

    DarthDarthWader Tree Puncher

    I Hope You Enjoy Reading My Ideas For Skyblock, I Will Edit It If Your Ideas Are Good! :diamond::diamond::diamond:
  3. DarthDarthWader

    DarthDarthWader Tree Puncher

    Hi I forgot to include This but many players are wondering when the skyblock server will be reset. I know some players will not want this but I believe its healthy to restart sometimes!
  4. Majestical

    Majestical Helper

    Skyblock Angel
    I don't think spawner pickaxes should go up to a 10 times use, maybe like make it 3-5-7 uses or add all of those but make higher usages more expensive.
  5. Squaker

    Squaker Gold Miner

    I agree with Emma here, and as for the protection maybe they could work some coding out and make it similar to realms protection wise.
  6. Crackalackin

    Crackalackin Iron Miner

    Anti grief - More customizability's always good, though I'm not sure if tweaking the plugins that way is mechanically possible.

    Overall ranks - I'm pretty sure that won't be added. It could cause multiple problems (though I'm not gonna explain it, sorry) and of course, the server needs donations.

    Miscellanous -
    1. selling named items on chest shops could cause issues and they'd need to rework the chest shop plugin if that were to be added.
    2. In my opinion, spawner pickaxes and decapitate/beheading are already overpowered on survival and facs. So the changes would only need to be made on skyblock, but that would confuse players.
    3. They don't have plans to add more voting sites for now.
    4. Disabling mob stacking won't be a good idea because of sweeping edge and lag issues.
    5. Bedrock on /shop... I guess it's more like a troll or easter egg, if you think about it, being able to buy bedrocks is just too much power.

    Skyblock reset date is not set and it'll be announced on the forums when they decide to reset it. Additionally, staff aren't supposed to tell other players when the server's gonna reset even if they knew about it unless Maarten confirmed it.

    About everything that's not mentioned above, I either agree to your suggestions or don't know much about them.
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  7. Ashie

    Ashie Mod

    If you don't trust anyone, don't give them access to your island, then you won't get griefed.

    Member rank - I agree that the colour is quite lame and hard to see for some people.

    Overall ranks - You can get rank from in-game money, by trading with someone. But the reason it's not a thing is cause the server needs the purchases to keep the gamemodes going.

    1. You can easily scam by doing this therefore it's not a thing, as well as cause issues. Item ID's changes depending on the item.
    2. 10 would be too much, 1-2 per pickaxe sounds good in my opinion. The price of them would get ruined otherwise.
    3. Heads are suppose to be rare to get now.
    4. We're not adding more voting sites.
    5. People do use pvp and if they remove the arena people will complain. It does no harm being there.
    6. I do like this idea, sounds like a cute thing to add.
    7. Explosions are disabled to prevent island griefing.
    8. Rather than allowing people to make 2 islands, I'd suggest a "member zone" area to be added (like realms) where you click on blocks that the player are allowed to use. So they only have access to whatever you allowed them to.
    9. You can /friend add staff members and /fmsg them when needed if you dont want to leave the server you're on.
    10. Mob stacking is on to prevent lag, so disable that wont happen.
    11. /is lock
    12. The bedrock is there for banter, a little joke.
    13. Players are allowed to advertise their islands, if you were to disable renamed items in ah items you've repaired in an anvil wont get accepted either cause the font has changed,
    14. /warp artifact

    A reset happens when the owner decides its needed, you'll get information about resets on the forums when they do happen so don't believe anything anyone says till it's on the forums.

    These are just my opinions. :)
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  8. DarthDarthWader

    DarthDarthWader Tree Puncher

    Thanks, everyone for replying and also explaining why some functions wouldnt work (:
  9. Squaker

    Squaker Gold Miner

    Glad the community could help you!!
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  10. 3443Matthew

    3443Matthew First Step

    Also either make spawners like iron golem and creeper cheaper, it’s way too overpriced OR add a purchasable option /spawner to change spawners.
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  11. DarthDarthWader

    DarthDarthWader Tree Puncher

    Yeah I kinda agree with this too (:
  12. DS_Tsukuyomi

    DS_Tsukuyomi Iron Miner

    I do agree with some of these but not a lot, for starters, the anti grief thing would be close to impossible to do due to loads of commanding and absurd amount of time needed for it. Member rank is free and super easy to get and almost as close as not having a rank, I think its pretty good especially since its easy to get, regarding the color, I don't think that will ever be added. They wont take pvp out as it is a very important piece and people do in fact use it. Bedrock, to op. Chest shops, plug in needed, to much work especially for a big server, they'd probably lose players. Auction is heavily watched by multiple people and advertising profit shops is allowed, just not other servers.