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Speed Situation

Discussion in 'Lucky Block Brawl' started by OldBernie, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. OldBernie

    OldBernie First Step

    Everything else about this game mode is amazing I play it all of the time. I want to address the speed situation. In the lucky block plugin when you get potions it will give you a speed potion. I believe you are just using a downloaded plugin for the lucky blocks instead of a custom made one. You also are given permanent speed in the game mode as well. I'm posting this because I wanted to see a change in the speed. I'm saying that I want to have be given an upgrade in the permanent speed, the speed removed completely besides getting them in lucky blocks, or (probably the most difficult one) just getting rid of the speed potion from the potions lucky block.
  2. Squaker

    Squaker Gold Miner

    Never really thought of that, I usually just throw the potions out when I used to get them.
  3. Firefoxking4

    Firefoxking4 Stone Miner

    Yea when I get the potions I throw out the speed because its it's useless. xD