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[FACTIONS] [SyN] Synergy faction recruitment

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by sixly, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. sixly

    sixly First Step

    [SyN] Synergy long live the order of vanguard

    Faction Rules:

    "Aside from following the rules, you are not required to do our bidding. We do not enforce what you do."

    • Do not purposefully slander any officers or the leader or harass other players

    • Only those ranked member and above can go to the /f home this requires trust

    • Do not TPA anyone not allowed into any base Synergy has claimed. If you break this rule, you will be kicked without warning.

    • Replant what you farm at the faction home.

    • You are only welcome at other faction members bases if they allow you to, just don't be a dick about it if they prefer you not there.

    This is a PvP/raiding faction. If you aren’t interested in either, base work is welcome.
    Discord is required, as well as being able to voice chat now and then

    Discord will be added when account is high enough level for now, add sixly#5783 for a discord invite.

    If you’re interested in applying use the format below
    If your answers are lackluster, empty, or otherwise incomplete, you will be denied. If you can’t proofread your application, you will be denied.

    In-game name:
    In-game level:
    Past factions:
    What you can contribute to the faction:
    How often do you play this server:
    Do you understand Synergy's rules:
    Do you have discord:
    Do you have a good mic:
    PvP or builds:
    What makes you unique on this server:
    Any other reason we should accept you: