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Donor Rank Improvements

Discussion in 'Prison' started by DarkEssentials, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. DarkEssentials

    DarkEssentials First Step

    This may be just me but it seems some common things missing from the donator ranks? I don't know why their missing and I wouldn't consider this server that OverPowered since the donor kits take three days to recharge but besides that, there are no donor minds and if you buy, for example, the Elite rank for prison, you can only use that specific kit and none of the ranks below it. That alone makes no sense to me but it would also be nice if there was a 24-hour fix all command or something like that shoved in there. :-D

    In all seriousness though, we do need donor minds and access to previous rank kits. Someone else already posted about the mines but the more posts about it, maybe the more likely they are to add it?
  2. Ashie

    Ashie Helper

    I personally like that you only have have access to one rank kit. And /fix would ruin the economy cause there’s repair tokens.

    Just my personal opinions. :)
  3. iNaateee

    iNaateee Zombie Killer

    If there were donator mines, its basically pay to win in my opinion, so I disagree and I like the way it is
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  4. Awais

    Awais Iron Miner

    I agree here, I was surprised when I first realised donor ranks had no donor mines, but it makes sense to create a less pay to win system.

    Saying that I think a "one time kit" would be neat, a kit which allows you to get a better pickaxe than your /kit and is a one time use. Which would give the donor rank a bit more than it currently has but nothing which makes it "p2w"
  5. Crackalackin

    Crackalackin Stone Miner

    /fix all for every 24 hours is just too much and it'll break the economy.

    About kits, many people have complained how they can't get all the kits if you have the highest rank and such, but I honestly don't know why people don't understand the concept of a "kit upgrade". That's how the owner wanted kits to be given to ranks, that's all.
  6. DarkEssentials

    DarkEssentials First Step

    Makes sense ^^
    However, you can easily become overpowered just by buying tokens.
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    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
  7. newyorkmillyrock

    newyorkmillyrock Tree Puncher

    Its normal on servers you only have access to the Kit of the rank you currently have.
  8. the77x7

    the77x7 Helper

    We just try to maintain a fair playing field so these will most likely not be changed.
  9. pFET

    pFET Iron Miner

    Prison Boss
    It's already p2w as it is. More perks would just make things worse. The only perks that could/should be added at this point are cosmetic perks.