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New sell hand command

Discussion in 'Factions' started by Nelson, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Nelson

    Nelson First Step

    Will you, the owners or staff of Snapcraft, please consider adding a /sell hand and a /sell hand all command to factions. If you do, maybe make the command only available for faithful rank and above.
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  2. iNaateee

    iNaateee Zombie Killer

    I feel just doing /shop is fine, since I don't play factions but i know people try and sell cactus and stuff, I think it should just be on that game mode because happening to do /shop all the time would be annoying
  3. Awais

    Awais Iron Miner

    I get what you mean, having a /sell all and a /sell hand command would be useful but I feel as if it's not needed with how nice, clean and easy to use the /shop is.

    Yes having it would speed it up, but it would speed up the process a bit too much in my opinion. Also the number of people who would complain on "accidentally" selling something would be a lot, hence that's another downside.
  4. Squaker

    Squaker Helper

    I agree with what Awais says here, it will create a whole new issue which we cannot resolve most of the time such as scamming (giving items back), and it will prove to slow down the staffing system in the long run. Hence I think there's no need for the /sell all OR /sell hand command because the current shop system works really well as is.
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  5. Nathax725

    Nathax725 First Step

    No this is needed very bad /shop is super slow when grinding multiple mobs and multiple chest fulls of items really super annoying most players would really appreciate a /sell hand and i hope you take this into consideration because even when raiding you have to type /shop then navigate to correct items for multiple different items making it stupid annoying pretty pretty please add /sell hand if your worried about people mistakingly selling stuff make them atleast type twice to confirm sell just like /pay
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  6. JohnCena12345

    JohnCena12345 First Step

    Factions Immortal
    Nathax is on the money with this one, /shop is way to slow selling multiple items, probably spend more time in /shop than grinding