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An Admin Cleared My Plot

Discussion in 'Creative' started by Joshua Holden, Apr 21, 2019.

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  1. Joshua Holden

    Joshua Holden First Step


    My username is PudgyPlayz. I am creating this thread as a complaint as I have received poor service from the two admins. My second plot, which at the time included two roleplay builds. These two builds consisted of a school with a somewhat interactive basketball court and a historical landmark which a dark history. This historical landmark was Auschwitz, and I built it as a roleplay experience to remember the suffrage of the Jews and other victims who included some of my ancestors on my dad's side of the family.

    One admin, whose name I did not catch, teleported to me. I asked, "May I help you?" I was told by the admin that "I think we both know what this is." I told him that it was a concentration camp, and I understood the controversy of building such. So to avoid offending people, I built a stone wall covering the build. However, this prevented light from traveling. I wanted someone to fix it, and I felt that Au5_ would not be offended by it. I asked Au5_ , who has world edit, to replace the stone with white stained glass. I warned her that it was offensive what I had built, and she seemed not to be offended by it. Despite that, I think she reported me, which led to the admin teleporting to me. He or she gave me a :) as an attempt to be - I don't know - smirk? And then before I knew it, my entire plot was cleared including my school around 1:30 PM MST. The admin had left before I could explain myself.

    I then asked another admin whose name I remembered. cc. If we could resolve the problem with a civilized discussion, unlike the admin, who had removed my plot without proper professional warning. CC told me there was nothing she could do except rebuild it and avoid having offensive builds. She is right. There is nothing I can do. My plot is cleared. My hard work is gone. I am upset. However, I feel it is not justified to clear my plot without proper conversation. I would have loved to tell the admin my perspective so that 1) I could be better in the future or 2) my plot doesn't get cleared. My problem is that I was told there was nothing that I could do except rebuild. I felt that to be very unprofessional and somewhat rude. Also, I was told by cc that if my plot was inappropriate, it was to be removed, but as I said, the entire plot was not inappropriate. It was only one portion of it that was inappropriate, and even then I feel that I was in the right because I did my best not to let sensitive people see it.

    Like I said, my plot is gone; there is nothing I can do, which I feel extremely upset about. I should not have to rebuild it due to admins behaving improperly. I propose that my plot is at least attempted to be uncleared if in any way possible whether it includes Auschwitz or not. I also propose that the admins make sure that they do NOT interfere with people and what they do unless it indeed offends the entire server population. It's the same reason why swearing is allowed in plot chat but not allowed in the public chat. Not once did I advertise everyone to see my possibly offensive build.

    Gee, hopefully, I addressed the whole story. Cheers!
  2. Ashie

    Ashie Mod

    We have a strict rule where offensive builds, language, skins, capes etc aren’t allowed whatsoever. Building a concentration camp is rather disrespectful therefore it got cleared. When we find inappropriate plots we don’t warn as it should be common knowledge to not do it hence it got removed immediately.

    To prevent it happening again, keep the builds neat and clean and we’re sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused.

    Kind regards,
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