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Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Factions' started by Arkalyte, Apr 23, 2019.

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  1. Arkalyte

    Arkalyte First Step

    I'm putting my appeal here as I don't see another spot to put it (don't use the forums that much). If it's in the wrong spot I know one of you guys will move it for me.

    Anyways, my IGN is Arkalyte and I was banned for trying to do trades with in game stuff (mainly in game money) for stuff on other games (mainly in Tf2 and CSGO). Why? I got bored, and those are 2 other games I play. I simply wanted to at least get something out of all the time I spent on here, not saying the servers bad, I just got bored was all (I feel a reset would fix this, while also bringing back lots of other factions, and if there is a reset I say keep withers but enable the end :-P.). Moving on, I didn't really know if doing these kinds of deals were allowed or not, as I've seen others do them, and asked around and most people either said it should be fine or that they didn't know. I figured that it WAS bannable only if one of the people were scammed. Otherwise I figured it should be fine, especially if what i'm trading for isn't money but just other in game items. I did talk to Marten in discord, whom explained that any deals that involve real life currency outside of snapcraft aren't allowed. Do I count tf2 items as currency? No, and I won't since those items can be earned in game... But it's his server and if tf2 items break the rules then I do deserve the ban. On a side note I've tried doing these deals for a few days, and no one has warned me in chat, most likely because of lack of staff online or that the other players didn't know, but all this together led me to believe that it wasn't really bannable. Am I sorry? Yes, if I broke the rules then yes I am sorry, as I've done pretty good to not break any rules (never had any mutes or warnings on this server before). Finally, if I am unbanned I won't do any more deals unless they are for rank upgrades and the like, but that's about all I have to say, made an honest mistake and it won't happen again.
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