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This is disgusting...

Discussion in 'Realms' started by Elbow, Apr 26, 2019.


Should snapcraft officially ban slavery from ALL servers?

  1. Yes

    2 vote(s)
  2. No, I don't care about the slavery problem

    3 vote(s)
  1. Elbow

    Elbow Tree Puncher

    After a long career on SnapCraft I finally decided to try out the realms server, and what I found was beyond horrifying. It is utterly appalling that the way you make money and play the game is by using SLAVES! I am so very disappointed in Snapcraft and it's leadership for making a mockery of such a terrible part of history. The server creators sit back in their houses, probably built by slaves, while spitting on the suffering of so many people. I demand that everyone on realms release their slaves at once! And that this sort of in-sensitiveness and injustice never happen again! This is the most offensive thing that SnapCraft could have done!

    This immortality that allows such a horrible act that realms made normal has started influencing the morals of the other servers, like skyblock, factions, and prison. The rich, especially on factions, seem to control the lower class. Slavery itself has even started to seep into the other servers. For example, even though the sale of slaves is only officially supported in realms, I have reason to believe that some players on realms are selling their slaves to other players on other server to mine, build their base in factions, etc.
  2. Aiji

    Aiji Tree Puncher

    having a rough day?
    ps: prolly every server does this.
  3. Tennisace24

    Tennisace24 Iron Miner

    Skyblock Angel
    with "slaves" do you mean the people that are paid to afk for other people...? Technically that is not the definition of slave.
  4. Elbow

    Elbow Tree Puncher

    the "minions"
  5. iNaateee

    iNaateee Zombie Killer

    me personally, i don't play realms but i feel like have little minions helping you makes it more different than skyblock otherwise they would have made pretty much 2 of the same versions