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Creative Build Ranking/Tier System.

Discussion in 'Creative' started by LeagueofWho, May 1, 2019.

  1. LeagueofWho

    LeagueofWho First Step

    Hey guys i have been on the server for a short bit and I was wondering if you guys would be interested in implement a ranking system for the Creative folks. For example as a person has newly arrived on the server lets say I want to go up a rank to show off to the rest of the Creative folks that i am a certain level of builder.


    Novice - Basic Rank given on entry to Creative server

    Designer - Gained after completing a full 75 x 75 plot Requires basic building knowledge show in Structures and Terra forming and organics Reward is the rank name plus and other claimable plot

    Apprentice - Gained after completing 2 plots Show advanced Structure building including detail and Terra forming, Basic Organics: Reward New rank title plus another claimable plot.

    Architect - Gained by show that the person can build on the large scale and small. Can do intricate detail and advanced Organic builds. Gain new rank title plus 2 more claim able plots

    Master - Equivalent Gained after show flushed out building in all aspects. Gives world edit plus another plot

    Legend - Equivalent - Gained from being a long time builder and all round boss Could help with the judging of community builds for the ranking system. If there are any rewards you can think for legend other than fancy ass title drop it in the Comments.

    I now Master and Legend are ranks that give World edit Etc but I think it would be really cool if you gave a chance for person to show they're worth through the ranking system to gain a rank of equal value to Legend o master that gave access to world edit also.

    I'am also Aware you have 2 plots claimable at the start My hope is by the time you get to Master you should have 8-9 Plots claimed a large chunk showing your builds or separate builds.

    I would love to see this added in the near future I understand that this will need backing from not only you server owners and admins but from the community as a whole. So this is just me dropping this on you to see what you think.

    Not only is this rank up system something for the community to enjoy but its a tool for the Build team, It allows you to cut the wheat from the chaff, It allows you to fined competent builders and allows you to test them through the criteria to see if they're to your standard.
    1st Reply to Bunny_Rabbits : No every rank up would have concrete criteria you'd have to pass.

    1st Reply to Au5 : From what i have seen there are multiple builders who are competent to become judges who would have set criteria as I said before that you as a individual would have to meet to gain your next rank if you are confused to how your plot should look Sample plots can be set up to show each set of criteria, and a warp command can be set up so you can travel back and forth from.

    As you stated in your post you wanted bigger plots this is another way for people to progress such as yourself in getting more plots so you can merge them together making a larger plot with out having to spend money, however that option also should remain for those who wish to support the server more.
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  2. Bunny_Rabbits

    Bunny_Rabbits Gold Miner

    Factions Immortal
    The way you’d rank up sounds subjective/impractical
  3. Au5

    Au5 Iron Miner

    I Don't understand, who or how would one be judged as to whether they can move up a rank or not?

    While it is in no way as detailed as your suggestion this kind of thing dose exist. its called "builder" rank if you can provide proof to the staff team that you are a good enough builder. The benefits of this is while you can get extra perms with ranks, builder's have more ranks that cant be bought. Basically creative is a nice environment where you can be yourself and if you want to be a builder, apply after completing a build or two.
  4. DS_Tsukuyomi

    DS_Tsukuyomi Iron Miner

    I think this is a really cool idea, but it does need a little bit more detail and work. Maybe try and deliver that and make an official suggestion :-D
  5. Atricle

    Atricle First Step

    I've experienced it in a server that I played a long time ago. It was very fun. People would create plots and, using a command, they'd enter a list of plots waiting to be reviewed. Then, Builders or Moderators could decide to accept it and rank them up or to deny it. Really added a twist to creative! Please make it happen!