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Once again, people are making fun of me for being jewish

Discussion in 'Creative' started by PersonalityFreak, May 8, 2019.

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  1. PersonalityFreak

    PersonalityFreak First Step

    Well, since the staff wasn't very helpful on my last post (Didnt even read my report :-( ) I will make another one, since not even 2 whole days later I was once again made fun of for being jewish!!! I was sitting on my plot, trying to get people to my EPIC plot with XXXTENTACION on it and Thamos, when suddenly a user nicknamed Kayleigh said some hurtful things to me! And then, when I threatened to report this user and tell my mother (which I did and she was not very happy!) another user nicknamed "foxy" said "Why are you being so sensitive, what are you jewish or something?" this really pushed my buttons! I wanted to give the server another chance since I made some pretty cool friends on here,but i cannot do that if I keep getting made fun of for my heritage!
    staff, please this time reply with something really helpful! I want to see these users brought to justice! Foxy's in-game username is bloody_fox11 and I believe Kayleigh's is Kay2204. I have proof this time, but the screenshots are too big to put in this text box! (Which is so unepic to be honest!) If I am told again that all I have to do is take screenshots and get staff online (who never respond to my messages, by the way) I will have to tell my mom and she will make me stop playing minecrtraft! so please bring these users to justic!!!! ~CoralFreaks AKA PersonalityFreak AKA mriandme213 AKA The most discriminated against player on snapcraft!!
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  2. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    If you have screenshots you may open a ticket about it, if its not enough however it will get denied but if they're online we'll warn them. Without proof we can't do anything.
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