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Drakeband's staff application

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by drakeband, May 10, 2019.

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  1. drakeband

    drakeband First Step

    • How long you have been playing on Snapcraft.net?
    Personally, I have not been playing on Snapcraft.net for long, possibly a few weeks. However, I have managed to integrate and settled well with the community, specifically on skyblock as it is the server on Snapcraft.net that mainly, and have been really enjoying my experience on it and therefore have decided to attempt to become apart of the staff team. I am aware I shouldn't have applied for the position so hastily, but I can see my self being a long time player.

    • How often are you online for?
    I am online on the server for around 7 - 14 hours a week, this includes Sundays, although I am doing my GCSE'S{General certificate for secondary education} which means I may not be able to play on the server as much as I would like too.
    • Why you are right for the job as a helper? How can you contribute to the staff team?
    As I am growing up, I believe I should be becoming not only more independent but also more responsible, I would like to experience this but in a way, that I would enjoy, which is part of the reason I would like to become staff on Snapcraft. Furthermore, I would like to become a staff member on Snapcraft specifically rather than any other server as I am starting to like the community and those who are apart of it and I think I would make a great addition to the team. In addition, I am a person that should be set apart from other applicants and the main reason for this is simple. I am the best there is for the job at hand. I'm a flexible and an all-rounder person soi am able to work not just in a management role but possibly in a public relations or even a moderator and administration role. As a person, I believe that I am easy to work and get along with, creative, charismatic but also a character who is not afraid to take charge of a situation should one arise. This and so much more is what separates me from other applicants. What's more, I find my self have a lot of real-life and in-game experience when it comes to moderating and managing. I had a business of my own in which I made £450 {british} in profits over a 2 and a half month period. when it comes to the in-game experience I was a jr.moderator on a small server for 5 months before it shut down. I've also been playing the game since 2013.

    • Have you ever been banned/jailed/muted? Explain briefly, please.
    I have never been banned/jailed or muted on the server before to my knowledge.
    • A little about yourself.
    I am a 15 going on 16 years old who is very driven and passionate. I live in the United Kingdom where I enjoy cooking and anything to do with the culinary arts almost as much as I enjoy playing Minecraft. I've played Minecraft since 2013 as I've previously mentioned where I've found my self-playing almost every single aspect of the game that I can fathom such as Skyblock, prison, Kitpvp, skywars, cops and robbers, factions and etc... in real life I have struggled through school for a long period of time as I was bullied for a long while due to my autism, but however I don't see my condition as a weakness, I see it as my greatest strength.
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