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Wither Skulls

Discussion in 'Factions' started by Blueillusion, May 17, 2019.

  1. Blueillusion

    Blueillusion Stone Miner

    I was just curious to the fact of why either skulls are nearly impossible to acquire?

    Playing a skeleton spawner in the nether does not spawn wither skeletons so therefore the only way to acquire them is by /shop and buying wither spawn eggs and farming them. The shop sells it for 192k for a stack of spawn eggs, assuming your miraculously acquire 1 head from that stacks (it’s a 2.5% base chance and with looting three it goes to 5.5%). That means you are spending near 600k on one wither for a base that may not even be worth it, that doesn’t even play into affect on the high outcome the wither gets stuck and dies (personal experience with two withers so far).

    So I was hoping wither skulls could be re-evaluated and put into the economy to better this issue? Like let’s say you don’t fix anything but the shop price of eggs, consider lowering it to 100k a stack for spawn eggs.

    Lastly, the main reason I bring this to attention is because not one faction on /f top 1-20 have wither skulls in their faction value, assuming they have none. & with cannons being broken, raiding is nearly impossible right now.

    Thanks - Blue
  2. Nathax725

    Nathax725 First Step

    Very very true all cannons are broken/only work in 1.8 blocks wither skulls need to be made easier to aquire
  3. Ashie

    Ashie Mod

    You get skulls from killing the nether boss Surtur
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  4. the77x7

    the77x7 Helper

    As stated above; best of luck grinding them! :-D