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Ingame Report for Hackers

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by xTear, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. xTear

    xTear First Step

    So I've been playing for a few weeks now, and I think that an ingame method to report players is something very much lacking. Not something that would make "watchdog" investigate them more, just something to alert staff of the server they are on, and how many current reports that player has as a sort of priority level. I'm attempting to not completely copy another popular server. Perhaps something similar to this:

    What you type (this could be changed to anything): /staffrep (username) (type of hacks)

    What staff see: Hacker Report! (reported player) is in (server) and has been reported (how many times player has been reported in the last 24 hours) time(s)! [Spectate] (Spectate is a clickable button to warp them to that server, to that player, in a sort of vanish mode that hides their names from tab list.

    How this would work in a real scenerio:
    I, xTear, type /staffrep Dreadkhor killaura
    Staff see, Hacker Report! Dreadkhor is in KitPvpv and has been reported 1 time(s)! [Spectate]
  2. Au5

    Au5 Iron Miner

    I can understand where you are coming from with this however if players have the ability to see what staff are on and where with /staff and seeing as the staff will have an anti cheat already, i don't see this getting added. quiet often there are reports that people are hacking when they aren't and adding this feature may just cram a staff members chat. there is already plenty of ability to report a player just maybe not this way.
  3. the77x7

    the77x7 Mod

    This is a bad idea in my opinion. The command would be highly abused by many players, especially by those who feel if they lose a 1v1 the other player is hacking. We have designed /staff and Discord’s staff-help channel to compensate for the lack of a command such as watchdog. We also have support tickets where you can report players to be further dealt with if no one is available at the time. Overall, our current system of dealing with this seems to be working perfectly fine in my opinion.
  4. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    There’s already ways to report people, PM staff ingame or use your discord server if no staff is online (/staff)
  5. Majestical

    Majestical Helper

    Skyblock Angel
    I do like this idea but there are ways it can be abused and such. People could start spamming it because they just lost a 1v1 or go get all of their friends to report one player just because they’re wanting them banned or to annoy staff. I believe Maarten has made it clear that he would never add this suggestion as well. As I agree with the other staff, the current way to report right now is pretty decent it’s just more work for you guys because you have to make accounts or join the discord :-P Unless there’s staff online then you could just PM.
  6. xTear

    xTear First Step

    I think measures could be added such as cool-downs. Possibly a 3 hour cool-down. But instead of that, perhaps it would only alert the staff if the player had 3+ reports, going in increments of 3, maxing out at 15. Once a staff had viewed it, it would reset their reports to 0 and stop pinging staff. This would work like so,
    xTear types: /staffrep Dreadkhor Killaura
    CheatCheck types: /staffrep Dreadkhor Killaura
    Farkler3000 types: /staffrep Dreadkhor Killaura
    (These are all accounts I own so don't worry.)
    Staff see: Hacker Report! Dreadkhor is in KitPvp and has been reported 3 time(s)! [Spectate]

    They would not see the first time or the second time, but the third time they would see it. This would reduce heavily the amount of reports the staff would see, making it less abusable by other players. In addition, perhaps making a way for the staff to toggle-off these messages if they weren't on hacker-watch would be very good to add.