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Still banned

Discussion in 'Factions' started by warriorboy123, Jun 9, 2019.

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  1. warriorboy123

    warriorboy123 Tree Puncher

    Snapcraft will be and always will be my favriote server, after many attempts and hopes i am sad to say i have been decliened. trying one more time and hopefully will be successful. The Coven has flourished on another server, but I would be happy for my people to come back home. started in snapcraft 2014, I joined 2015, was banished 2019, april, the remanants reform on another server and have a whole new batch of recruits and people, april and may 2019, hopefully coming back home june 2019.

    martin if youre reading this, please let us come back
  2. warriorboy123

    warriorboy123 Tree Puncher

    The Coven timeline
    2014: Original leader Marcusplays48 creates a faction named the coven
    2014-start of 2015: The Coven gains a reputation as being a famous unbeatable faction,
    2015-january: The Coven was at its prime, almost 80 members
    2015-march: catyyr joins the coven (me)
    2015-march: The Coven wins a war against a faction called the Hoplillys
    2016-january: Marcusplays48 gives up leadership and it passes to our second leader ClassyAllThru
    2016-july: Classyallthru gives up leadership and passes it on to Yrnsuckslol
    2016-august: Yrnsuckslol organisies a raiding party and raids 2016's regenkingdom, (starting war)
    2016-auguest: Leader gets ddosed, same with almost 30 other members
    2016-auguest: A regenkingdom ally has perms and tps people into main hq and releases ips of most of the coven members
    2016-auguest: coven drops to eight members now, catyyr now named wanheda226 takes leadership after many failed ones,
    2016-september: The Coven has been ultimatly destroyed believed by regenkingdom.
    (The 7 other people that I became leader of left,)
    2017-2019: The Coven has had sevreal members, highest reaching in its 20s but has been destroyed on sevreal ocasions but still gets remade.
    2019-april: The leader of the coven has been perm banned from snapcraft and its three members went inactive
    2019-april-may: Joining a new server the coven gains rep and has almost 23 members on a whole other realm.
    future: unknown
  3. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    Only way to get unbanned is by appeal, which you've already done so wait 3-4 weeks are try again.

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