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Make Snapcraft great again!

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by TaiebG, Jun 10, 2019.


Which one do you like better the old one or the new one

  1. Old

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  2. New

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  1. TaiebG

    TaiebG First Step


    Im furious at the moment i just went on creative in snapcraft and i saw that iMaaarteen and YAMPY was taken out of the word quiz this made me very mad and broken for i have so many memories of these word quizes I made one guy cry because i became lvl 100 before him. This really upsets me for i am offended of this change there was no need to change these words.

    First of all everyone knew the words before know when you see them you have to think about it and then write it. Before it was just when you see it you know exactly what it is so its not about who can solve the word quickest its about who has the better internet and the better hand speed and the better keyboard so it became competition now no one cares about it.

    Second of all the words that are on there are actual minecraft words that has something to do with minecraft now the words are "hater" i dont think that has anything to do with minecraft and it involvs the Owner and the admins in it it makes it more community friendly as i would say.

    The good thing is yes its time for new words but the old ones are better and everyone knows the words and new people need a chance too i get that.

    Thank you//Dolo
  2. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    They removed all staff names and updated to completely new ones, but I’d like the staff names back tbh
  3. Majestical

    Majestical Helper

    Skyblock Angel
    I would like it as words related to snapcraft like the gamemodes, staff names, etc. or just ones related to minecraft in general like diamonds, sword, emerald and so on. I somewhat like how it is now because it’s an actual challenge. It’s not so fun when everyone knows the words and it’s just about possible to guess it before it even comes, in my opinion.
  4. Au5

    Au5 Iron Miner

    I like the way the quiz is now however the words do repeat a lot. if it were possible i would like to see more words added such as the suggestions above. i wouldn't say completely revamp it to one or the other but rather just expand on the words available.