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Question about build comp

Discussion in 'Creative' started by SunsetBlush, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. SunsetBlush

    SunsetBlush First Step

    I know there's a thread for questions about the build comp, but it's from April 13th so I decided just to make a new one since I didn't think anyone would see my question.

    Anyway I've been working on my build comp submission for a while now (I think I started it during the winter build comp but I'm not sure). Originally I was just building it for fun but then the new build comp theme became fantasy and I thought, heck, this fits the theme might as well submit it once I'm done.

    However I've gotten help from some people (two people to be exact) to help build my submission. Though I have done the majority of the work, they've done a little of it. One friend helped with a room and another is helping me with the terrain. I'm not entirely sure if this means I cannot submit my plot since not all of it is done by me, or if it doesn't matter as long as I've done most of it.

    Thank you and please respond when you can :) .
  2. Jedz

    Jedz Admin

    you can submit it whether people have helped you or not, the prize goes to whoever owns the plot and they can share it out from there if they would like to :)