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Survival Guild Improvements

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by abendego, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. abendego

    abendego Tree Puncher

    It would be great to see some improvements to the Guilds functionality on Survival. As they currently sit, they are of limited value other than group chat and a shared bank.

    Guild Chests - provide a way to have chests that are available to everyone in a guild without having to set permissions on the protection sponge for each user. Bonus functionality would be if you could control access by rank, so chest by chest be able to set if they can open, view, add, remove items. Give leader/officers ability to see transaction logs for chests. (This could add flavor for alliances as well, by granting them access)

    Guild Bank/Vault Audit Trail - Allow leader/officer to see a log of deposits/withdraws.

    Guild Rank List - provide some way to get a list of all members and current rank they have. Additionally provide a way to to see what ranks are available and what permissions that gives someone.

    Guild Land Claim/Protection Sponges - similar to the guild vaults make it easy for guilds to manage permissions on region based on guild rank instead of individuals. (This could add flavor for alliance as well, by granting them access)

    Guild Wars - add some incentive to either killing other guilds members or having a reason/benefit to being non neutral with another guild.

    Guild Scoreboard - add more information into scoreboard about guild you are in (balance, power ranking, etc)

    Guild Buffs - allow ability to purchase guild wide buffs using money or some form of honor/reputation

    Guild MOTD - allow leader/officers to set a guild message of the day that guild members see on login or when posted if online
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