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Youtube video KitPVP

Discussion in 'Youtube' started by iPleq, Jun 21, 2019.


Is it good?

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  1. iPleq

    iPleq First Step

    KitPvP Warrior
    I quickly made a montage :). Please give your rating about it. have a nice day :). this was made in 15min BTW ;-).


    Thank you btw :)
  2. ItsZarek

    ItsZarek First Step

    Looks good for 15 minutes of making time! I do have quite a few recommendations, I have a bit of experience with the whole "Youtube" thing that I think would improve it:

    - Censor the music next time!! Especially when posting on a generally family friendly server which censors curse words. Those little *'s could get you in trouble, and they're not exactly hidden :/
    - Adding some cool transitions would make the video overall more interesting, if you don't know how there are plenty of tutorials, transition packs for free and for sale, and information online depending on your editing software. Adobe after effects and premiere pro are best for cool transitions, and there are plenty more resources available to work with, but if you use any version of Vegas Pro it might work as well. If you're using another editing software, you're kinda on your own here. You can find a crack of VP15/16 or AE if you really want it, though don't ask me for a link because I'm not going to be giving one.
    - I don't know what the weird cut in the middle of it was, where you added the SMTE bars and had the beep effect but it really ruined the immersion in the video. If it was supposed to be funny or cutting from one point to another or something, I definitely recommend not repeating that.
    - Colorgrading! Another simple thing you can teach yourself with Youtube tutorials. Makes the video look more professional, and more cinematic.
    - I really like what you did with the b-roll, but add more of it! If you have fly or if someone you know has fly, ask them to record a few flying clips for you. Try removing the HUD and such when you do it too. Using b-roll as transition footage is an amazing trick that many cinematographers use to get beautiful clips and great footage.

    Anything else? Feel free to HMU. Good luck with your PvPing and your future videos! Rating ~6/10.
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