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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by 3443Matthew, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. 3443Matthew

    3443Matthew First Step

    Imma get straight to the point

    1. Island blockcaps
    would be great if you guys could release the full list of island block values and caps, this so we don't waste our time to find out ourselves as it takes 5mins to do /is level. To check every block is ridiculous.

    2. coinflipping system
    A coinflipping system that allows us to coinflip cash and items should be implemented. why not ? however the system should not have any rigged factors. eg , on other servers , i've seen coinflip systems that allows people's first time coinflip to be a 100% win which is #1 bullshit. hope this would be implemented

    3. server lag
    i feel the server lag in skyblock is absolutely terrible. For example, if you're wearing a speed II boots , taking them off would cause block lag. This requires you to do /god or /spawn to remove the lag. Also, the lag in pvp is so bad. Gapples take forever to eat, and tagging players is so difficult. for example, hitting a player only gives him damage after 1-2 seconds. im pretty sure it's not just me, especially for the gapple lag

    4. bow boosting
    idk why this was apparantly disabled. Bow boosting would be great to be added back as due to the large pvp map, people tend to be able to run away and escape in fights which is absolutely ridiculous. if you decide to run you shouldn't even have came pvp in the first place as it wastes everyone's time fighting. bow boosting could let us catch up with runners

    5. Purchasable option for an extra alt.
    an extra alt purchasable option would be nice. maybe to prevent confusion add a suffix to username with maybe an “alt pass”. which allows users to have an extra alt instead of just 1z
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  2. SnipeHype

    SnipeHype Tree Puncher

    Ideas are great! the lag problem on skyblock is pretty bad which I understand but coming from a standpoint that there are many plugins on this server making it hard to not lag. also if you wanna make more suggestions in the future i suggest visting the suggestions and feedback here
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  3. Furbos

    Furbos Iron Miner

    I heard that the lag one skyblock has been test done on the server to improve our gameplay. The test are only for alittle bit and the lag should be solved as soon as these test are complete. >:(