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Creative disguises

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Axolotl, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Axolotl

    Axolotl First Step

    When I bought the legend rank for creative I was looking what it had to offer. In the info for legend rank it says this ‘’ - Disguise as almost all mobs’’. Well I think this is really not the case. As we can ‘only’ disguise as 20 mobs of the 43 mobs we have in 1.12 (the creative server runs on 1.12 blocks) and if we go to 1.14.2 (and I do not know if it is possible to disguise as mobs that got introduced after 1.12) there are 58 mobs that I know of. My main question was can you add more disguises and maybe add a feature that when you disguise as a mob which has different sizes like the magma cube and the slime, you can chose what size you get. And maybe make the baby feature available for everybody and not staff only. I understand you cant add disguises like the ghast or enderdragon. But mobs like an endermite should be harmless and could be added since the silverfish is added aswell. I would like to see to get more mobs added to the disguise list.
  2. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    Ye I don't see why not
  3. SnipeHype

    SnipeHype Tree Puncher

    yeah, I like the idea too, maybe if it was for other servers to like survival.
  4. Furbos

    Furbos Iron Miner

    It sounds like a great idea.