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HG on Snap

Discussion in 'Off-Topic (Other)' started by Mathing, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Mathing

    Mathing First Step

    Snapcraft was one of the first servers I joined back in the day. Back then, there were hardly any games to play, however, hunger games were one of the most popular games on the server and in the Minecraft community. Hunger Games, on the server, wasn't a detailed or developed game mode at the time so you were able to break blocks, build, and would find the same loot in chests every game. This ironic twist of having a game that lacked the basic rules and function stood out to me from the other servers that produced the iconic SG maps and functions. When playing the game, I felt a sense of adrenaline and pleasure that I never really found on any other server or game. Playing it created enjoyable experiences with a community that was lighthearted and non-toxic. I wanted to share my experience with those who never got the chance to play and also to ask why it was removed.
  2. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    I liked HG, i played a few times with friends and it was fun. It got removed cause not enough people played it.
  3. Jedz

    Jedz Admin

    HG and EG were the only things I played back in the day and I miss it a lot (pls add it back soon)
  4. the77x7

    the77x7 Mod

    I loved HG. I’d be very excited to see it come back :-D