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Unfair rules

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Vairality, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Vairality

    Vairality First Step

    I am posting again because I cannot reply any further to my other thread. I don't think my point got through but what I'm trying to say is, the rules and judgments the staffs have to take are way too mechanical. I understand that many people can just go around saying they got scammed, however, is it not possible for staffs to judge based on various factors which contribute to the belief that the person is a scammer such as reputation from inside the server and from other servers, his other server ban histories or by a should-be determining factor where a screenshot is taken where you purchase something stupid for an absurd amount of money? This is a way to purely make the server better.

    Given my points, who would you choose if you were to do a bet with money? I hope this gives you a better insight into what I'm trying to get through. It's practically missing the opportunity to reduce unwanted scammers in the server because of some rules that you can't bend rules for the better.
    This is my last post:
    Just today, I lost 12 million on Skyblock from a person who messaged me and claimed that he was giving an iron golem spawner to me for free. I accepted the offer and tp-ed to a chest in front with a sign that read "Free" and "spawner". As soon as I clicked it, I bought a stick for 12.2 million and he banned me. He then reset the island to make it realistic.

    This is not sufficient evidence according to the rules which reads that you need video evidence. My laptop can't run video recording software and as I search his name up on google, he's a person who's been banned on other servers for the exact same reason. As I check, all these evidence are screenshots. Aside from this, why in the world would I buy a stick for 12.2 million.

    Not only can I not earn my money back, but I can't even get him banned? I feel like this is illogical and lacks reasoning to keep this player in the server. Loosening rules including the allowance of screenshots as evidence should be a viable option as I can guarantee most of the people would agree. This frustration keeps the experience of playing not as fun as it should be and I really hope you take this into consideration. It almost seems as if the rules are biased for the scammers.
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  2. Crackalackin

    Crackalackin Iron Miner

    I think the most important reason why images can't be enough proof is that they can easily be faked/made.

    Doing a rework on the chestshop plugin, as well as finding a way to disable the ability to disguise as mobs while you're invisible, would be necessary because they cause so much trouble and make a ton of players quit.
  3. AyyItsAido

    AyyItsAido First Step

    I agree with Crackalackin, but cooperzboys admitted to scamming TheRichGrandpa in the chat, while staff were said to be online "checking his base". Along with the screenshots, this should be a reasonable amount of evidence for some sort of repercussion to occur, this happened to me aswell, and despite the scammer admitting to scamming me, and a video of our money differences, and him lying that he paid me, which should've been evident by the money shown when hovering over his name, (although the transaction wasn't shown as I didn't record it and the transaction left chat before I realised he scammed me).
  4. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    The rules are there to make a fair gameplay. If you can’t provide proof of anything happening we simply can’t do anything. The rules are there for everyone not just you,

    Screenshots are allowed as evidence as long as it shows enough proof.
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  5. Hris

    Hris Stone Miner

    The exact same thing happened to me on Prison yesterday and I lost 3 Billion which is a big amount of money. But not with "free spawner", the person asked me for help and tped me to his plot. He threw an empty bucket at me and I clicked on a square with lava. Sadly for me there was "donor" sign as he said under the lava with the amount of 3Billion. Staff told me that the 2 screenshots I took aren't enough evidence and said that I was trying to false ban the person. His name is Trqst and beaware of him. He didn't scam only me. Mamipeach or now renamed as gnarlybro also got scammed by him
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  6. Devil_Within_You

    Devil_Within_You First Step

    @Hris i too was scammed from the same person for 10b and bought sticks had screenshots of the lava and him however he banned me from plot before i could get staff to tp to me. didnt even get the chance to get co ords however someone did got screenshots and plot co ords but it still wasnt enough. he also scammed quite a few at that time also and he was linked to giving his friend the ingame money, personally said person (his Friend) got his irl deal money returned as i did a deal with him a month ago. Moved on and banned both from any of my plots also as tempting as it would be to make the other person lose his rank i would not do so unless there was a way the server kept the money and he lost it in the interim lol now that would suit me :) this person will keep doing it aslong as he wants too until someone actually gets something worth the ban which wont be for long he will return and do it over again no doubt
  7. SnipeHype

    SnipeHype Tree Puncher

    you need evidence of the actions taken or event, anyways if you needed to report a player or experience open a ticket here https://snapcraft.net/support-tickets/open.
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  8. Furbos

    Furbos Iron Miner

    As Ashy said. No one is exempted from the rules, not even the staff members.
  9. Roudan

    Roudan Tree Puncher

    These days I find it necessary that with every transaction I make with another player in games, I have a screen capture recording. It only needs to be running for a few seconds ( enabled with a hotkey) during a transaction so as to not waste space and have minimal impact on FPS for the shortest amount of time. There's plenty of screen recorders available and some are even free, so there's bound to be one that can work for you. If some work for my laptop (appropriately nicknamed my craptop) then they'll work for anyone, really. Yeah, I understand that in cases with the donation signs you're not actually expecting to do any trades: but my point of advice is that even receiving stuff for 'free' is classed as a transaction. Other prospective scams (like the lava thing) are a bit harder to deal with but my advice is that if you're on land that someone else has control of and you don't know the person well, then you should be wary and have screen capture ready before you enter their land (to protect from plot-killing etc too).

    Alternatively, if recording video isn't an option then you could use what I call the 'timelapse' method which is basically taking a bunch of screenshots in succession and then putting them together in a timeline (which is basically what recording video does but with a lot more frames). I wouldn't suggest doing this with Minecraft's screenie hotkey (F2) as it will flood the chat with "Screenshot saved to_____" messages (and to my knowledge there's no way to disable this) which for capturing chat is a pain in the bumbum, but again there's lots of software out there that can automatically take screenies and save it to a file at set intervals or does the same manually with a hotkey of your choosing.

    Some scams are well-done and are unavoidable (like the mentioned hidden donation sign), but the best way to protect yourself from most scams is to take a step back and think "Hmm, is this too good to be true?" What is a person's motivation for giving something away for free? Why, if an item is free aren't they just throwing it to you on the ground? Is the player reputable on the server? Are they a low server level? A lot of the time scammers will try to rush you ("I g2g in 1 minute, hurry!") or make deals where you've gotta grab'em fast (i.e giveaways) so it always pays to slow down a bit and not act on impulse. Yeah you might miss out on the occasional legitimate freebie, but it's better to miss out on a free spawner than to lose days/weeks/months of hard work. Be particularly cautious on the Prison server, as most scams are allowed so long as they don't involve the auction house. The rules don't mention hidden donation signs etc so if a mod would like to elaborate that'd be awesome.
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