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hello, A new idea to update the server

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by PudgeyB, Jul 16, 2019.


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  1. PudgeyB

    PudgeyB Tree Puncher

    Skyblock Eagle
    Hello whoever is reading this, I have an idea that came to my mind today. What if the whole server updated to 1.14, all its mobs, blocks, items and etc. There would be new adventures, things to explore, and a chance to start of new in a new way. It would give everyone a chance to start off fresh (if you reset the whole server again... rip) or if its just a server update, it'll allow people to explore whats new and to be able to create much more with everything that has been added to the game. There would be more creativity spread around every server (skyblock, survival, factions, etc) and much more activity going on.

    I hope you liked my idea, Thanks for reading <3

  2. xKing94

    xKing94 Iron Miner

    Most servers do try to update to the latest MC version as quickly as they can but with every update comes new problems. They need to update or get the new versions of their plugins and this can be very difficult.

    You can be assured they are working on updating the server version right now, just be patient :)
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  3. SnipeHype

    SnipeHype Tree Puncher

    Yes exactly as xKing94 said its possible only downside is that the server would have to change all of its plugins and update them. this may sound easy but a server may have 1000 plugins. also, it would be more difficult due to some plugins are only in 1.8
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  4. Avokaii

    Avokaii Iron Miner

    Factions Immortal
    to be fair its not a bad idea for those who want to play things like skyblock and creative, but i personally think that the server would lose alot of its players from servers that involve pvp. people like to pvp in earlier versions of minecraft as it feels better and in the newer versions things like shields were added and swords just simply arent very good. onto the topic of plugins, there is currently little support for plugins on minecraft 1.14, although you can join from the newer versions it is recommended that you use versions 1.8 - 1.12.