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Suggesting Balance Changes

Discussion in 'Earth Games' started by XxAwesomePlayzxX, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. XxAwesomePlayzxX

    XxAwesomePlayzxX Tree Puncher

    Prison Brute
    Hi, so I'm just gonna jump straight into the point.

    1. Add CombatLog
    Many players take advantage of EarthGames having no CombatLog and makes the game very unenjoyable for a lot of players. This game is just KitPvP where you can also dig and build. Why does KitPvP CombatLog but this does not?

    2. Nerfing Bows
    Bowspam is a huge issue in here, since the bows all have Infinity, and some games literally are won because one team's base is blown to crisps and they can't get out, enabling the opposing team to bowspam into the base, which takes away the fun. Therefore I suggest to 1. Get rid of bows, 2. Restrict only 5 arrows per respawn, or 3. Only have bows + arrows in the Chest Shop, and there will only have 16 arrows and the bow will only have Unbreaking. Most importantly, get rid of Power 3. It's stupidly broken.

    3. Nerf VIP
    I'm a VIP myself and I find it pretty unbalanced that we have better everything. Just either nerf us to Leather armor but keep Stone Sword or the other way around.
  2. FatSecurityGuy

    FatSecurityGuy Gold Miner

    There is no point for combat log, people just leave and rejoin, they don't lose any stuff if they log out in combat because they get the same kit every time they join/die.

    I agree with the bows, It is annoying that people bow spam but there really is nothing staff can do.

    I disagree with the VIP Rank, I feel it is perfectly balanced and I see non-ranked players beat VIP's all the time
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  3. PieIsGood

    PieIsGood Void Walker

    CombatLog is really only something for servers and game modes that have some sort of continuous play (meaning you keep your stuff and try to build off it) so I disagree with having that.
    As for bows, maybe keep the current bows but get rid of infinity and only give 16 arrows per game
    As a VIP myself, I think perhaps you could give VIPs 32 arrows, the same armor as non-VIPs, the current VIP sword/gaps and most importantly keep the coin boost. For a $4.50 rank, I don’t think that’s too overpowered.
  4. socialites

    socialites Helper

    I agree with your second point. Bow spam is an issue essepcially when multiple people on the enemy team are utilizing it. It makes it hard to approach the enemy and even harder to secure a kill. I think maybe 32 arrows would work.
  5. Crackalackin

    Crackalackin Gold Miner

    1. I think he wants combat log because there are many players who simply logout + reconnect when they're about to die as that brings them back to full health. Those people do that all the time to "maintain" their kdr and to talk trash like "I didn't die LLL".
    People who say combat log isn't needed on eg because you don't lose gear, clearly haven't met enough of those annoying players.

    2. Bows... I just think they're part of the game and I'm more annoyed by the players who shout "OMG STOP BOWSPAMMINGGGGG" even when I only shoot them once. I still agree to restricting the number of arrows you get per respawn and getting rid of infinity.
    I think the main problem with bows is that vips get punch bows and that's what frustrates players. Oh and yeah, power 3 is a bit too strong.

    3. Obviously, server owners want profit. Not many people would buy vip if it only changed their wooden sword to a stone one. So I don't think this one needs a change.
  6. Majestical

    Skyblock Angel
    I agree with the first two topics. I think you should not be able to log in combat for how many players do it so they avoid dying and it’s just completely annoying when someone keeps logging in combat to avoid death when you’re trying to kill them in a pvp related gamemode. Just doesn’t seem right.
    I also agree with the second one and I have even suggested that myself along with other suggestions before for earth games. Bowspam is a large issue with eg as said already. VIP bows are extremely op against the normal players and their gear. It takes like 5 or less bow shots fully charged to kill a normal player with VIP bow. With the nades people can just nade around the base and bowspam to farm kills on normal players. As well as there are other reasons bows are an issue.

    Possible suggestion?
    Member rank could have better gear than a normal player but not as good as VIP obviously. It would give players a chance to get better gear without having to pay money. It would even out the pvp more and not have a large jump in the lower and better gear and would have a middle role. This would also give players of eg a reason to get member rank to benefit on the gamemode they like and possibly even have it where you can disable/enable the gear if wanted like you can with VIP.
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  7. XxAwesomePlayzxX

    XxAwesomePlayzxX Tree Puncher

    Prison Brute
    I haven't thought about that, that's pretty good. Instead of nerfing stuff, we could just improve the relatively bad stuff instead of beating down the good ones. However I think that this only applies to the VIP one, or else we'll be changing this to BowGames
  8. TheNextHerobrine

    TheNextHerobrine Zombie Killer

    KitPvP Paladin

    I just feel like for bows we should get 5 arrows period endless we by them from the mid chest, I agree with everything else said.