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KitPVP Custom Enchant Suggestion

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by socialites, Aug 6, 2019.


If you could get one of these enchants? What would it be?(AFTER READING)

Poll closed Sep 5, 2019.
  1. Bulky

  2. Protein

  3. Enduring

  1. socialites

    socialites Helper

    KitPvP Suggestion

    I know that kitPvP has a lot of issues and this COULD be game breaking but most likely will not, this sounded kinda generic at first but I refined it to make it seem less so.

    What Does KitPvP need?
    In my opinion I think that KitPvP need more features, one of which being more custom enchants. My idea has probably been suggested before but in differing ways, I think we need custom enchants for extra benefits and my first idea is an enchant that will simply give the player a health boost


    Bulky is an enchant that will give the player a health boost when the armour is equipped and is exclusive to chestplate, balance wise if many levels/stages of it were added, I can already see it being overpowered, I propose this; 2 levels of the bulky enchant would give 2 hearts or alternatively, It could go up to level 4 and give the same amount of hearts ½ per level.

    ENCHANTMENT: Protein

    Protein is kinda a weird one but I thought it would fit. Protein will give the wearer strength here is the catch though, you can only use it on axes which makes an axe a much more viable weapon. Clearly strength II is overkill; strength I is already good enough to drop someone in a god kit. It would be what I will call “only equip affected” it means that you only have it while the weapon is active. A way to balance it would be forcing them to switch items in the hotbar via a timer.

    ENCHANTMENT: Enduring

    Enduring is also a tad weird but easier to explain. Enduring has a small chance to fix the user’s armour/weapon that they currently have equipped, I can see some a few ways this MIGHT be abused but it would take more money than it actually takes to fix a whole set to pull it off so I think it’s fine. An alternative to this would either be an even smaller chance to fix on hit OR fixing slightly more on KILL. This is applicable to all weapon/armour types and is say a 0.1 - 2% chance of occurring per hit.

    Any way I hope that you all took this at least semi-seriously and hope you’ll give some feedback on some changes or nerfs/buffs to these enchants and I’ll work on an updated one! Bye for now <3
  2. FatSecurityGuy

    FatSecurityGuy Gold Miner

    I feel Enduring, we don’t need, people will just abuse it and cause issues, You can just vote and get xp bottles and fix your armour.

    Protein would be to over powered, just getting a strength potion out a vote crate is rare let alone having it all the time, not just limited

    If they were to add bulky i would say only about 1-2 hearts because it would be to over powered for new players,

    Once again there my opinions, great suggestions.
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  3. socialites

    socialites Helper

    I said it would take more than it takes more than the cost of fixing a full set and if I said it wrong, it should only fix a small amount of durability.
  4. Boufe

    Boufe Iron Miner

    The extra and well thought out custom enchants you described would make kitPvP much more fun
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  5. TheNextHerobrine

    TheNextHerobrine Zombie Killer

    KitPvP Paladin
    I just disagree with the idea of custom enchants as a whole. People with G-Sets are strong enough as is, and it would make it even harder than it already is to make a good set.
  6. yunetzi

    yunetzi Tree Puncher

    hey! my out look on this would probably be the bulky custom enchant, I personally think strength with any axe will destroy armor very quickly :-P
  7. Killjoy7588

    Killjoy7588 Stone Miner

    This is very well thought out. I like the idea. Hope they look into this in the future.