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PVP Warning

Discussion in 'Factions' started by Basit_k26, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Basit_k26

    Basit_k26 First Step

    Factions Legend
    I was raiding on factions right
    and me, being the precious angel I am, started to feel sorry for the peasants I was annihilating with my sharpness5 diamond sword.

    so I offer to compensate this poor man for the damage caused by yours truly,
    man breaks into tears in mah DMs init
    tell me bout how he was lucky enough to win a gset (which are so p2w btw) from a DP and
    bruh goes jumps down into Surtur with it, y'know how people jump out of a plane while skydiving like weeeeee ^_^

    at this stage I had to grab my tissues irl cuz his story was so sad :-( my eyes was wet and aint no one chopping onions in a 35 metre radius around me irl.

    Man tells me he was oblivious dat he didn't know PVP was enabled at Surtur.
    I say "hey hey haii you stooped for not knowing dat habibti"
    bro say "There was no warning young sir" "It aint all fancy like the reaper where u cant combat tag other players. I be thinking that Surtur and reaper be second cousins so same properties apply"

    So I did some research and turns out ya man was right, it don't say "PVP enabled at Surtur" anywhere. We, the misinformed people of the Nether World wish for ya man the owner to put up a warning that PVP is enabled at the Surtur so no more innocent noobs lose their gear like mah man @Murda_Ming did.

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  2. Boufe

    Boufe Iron Miner

    I thought it said PvP is enabled, and "You cant use any commands around Surtur."