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Update Earth Games

Discussion in 'Earth Games' started by Basit_k26, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Basit_k26

    Basit_k26 First Step

    Factions Legend
    As far as I know, Earth Games is a unique gamemode only to be found on Snapcraft. I think it's a great idea with so much potential. I think you could improve the whole experience with an update.

    Maybe new features like x2 coins that players can obtain somehow.

    or TP traps randomly laid out around the map for players to fall into. These would be TP traps that spawn in with the worlds and do not require players to construct them.

    I think making the grenade available to every player would make the game that much better. Currently only VIP ranked players can purchase the item but maybe make it available to everyone at a a higher price- allowing the ranked players to receive a discount on it.

    Could you make it so if a player right clicks with a shovel, they receive a 4 or 5 second haste/ efficiency boost? Like MCMMO but you won't be able to level up or make your boost longer than 4 or 5 seconds. A firework could also go off when you use the boost so it lets enemies know where you are. Just a thought.