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A little opinion...

Discussion in 'Prison' started by jutochoppa, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. jutochoppa

    jutochoppa First Step

    Been a few months now since played...I wanted to say Snapcraft is poo. I'm not sure if it was always like this though. The grind is fun on prison, I got banned because someone charged back on an IRL deal (Str8uppvp or whatever) i had made. i had all the proof, more than enough actually. I messaged the owner and he didn't care, The rank features were already "used he said". They might've been used but it is impossible for them to be "worn out", if that makes sense. I sure didn't know the user on the other side of the deal would have charged back. Moderators and most people on the server always said to get proof and when it came to using proof, it means nothing

    This will be my last time on the forums
    -Peace Weiners
  2. Maarten

    Maarten Owner

    The reason we can't just unban you and remove what was purchased is because things like kits/items cannot be given back once used.
    We do not offer support for irl deals as our rules state:

    Regarding Trade of Snapcraft Merchandise
    Trading of any kind of Snapcraft merchandise for any form of real life currency, gift cards(excluding the ones for our store) and minecraft accounts is strictly forbidden

    Snapcraft staff do not take responsibility over the trade of any Snapcraft merchandise on the web-shop or in-game. Therefore, we are not liable for any returns if any goods or valuables are lost during a trade. However the scammer may be banned if there is proof(This applies to all servers including Prison & Factions). This ban is permanent!

    You may ask a staff member to be a so called "middle-man". The staff member will hold the in-game money/items until the other party has upheld their end of the deal. This method makes sure no party is at risk.

    Any purchases bought and not received by the paid party is under our responsibility. The player is to create a ticket or email the support address at [email protected] to have their purchase reviewed and hopefully returned. Staff do not have any authority in any matter regarding purchases, so just direct players to the email address.