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Quick Money?

Discussion in 'Factions' started by Wakakaka, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Wakakaka

    Wakakaka First Step

    Whats the quickest and best way to get money?
  2. FatSecurityGuy

    FatSecurityGuy Gold Miner

    I don't play factions very much but Im pretty sure its mining
  3. tescodweller

    tescodweller First Step

    Selling things such as cooked meat, tools and weapons (assuming you have plenty of iron and wood to go around) and things like diorite, granite and other items/blocks from mining that waste space in your inventory or storage areas.
    For me selling these items is a good way to get some extra money instead of just chucking them away, as to me blocks like diorite are useless.

    Another thing would be to scavenge:
    yesterday I found an already looted jungle temple in the wilderness but whoever got there before me didn't pick up things like string, dispensers, redstone and a repeater. Although they were no use to me I could sell them for little extra cash.

    I would also suggest voting. On this website (as well as an announcement on the server) there are links provided to vote for SnapCraft as long as you enter your Minecraft username. There are five or six links you can use once a day which give you in game vote keys to open vote crates which will more than likely give you a little extra cash.

    Enchanted weapons can go for a small chunk of cash in the Auction House.
    command /ah sell (price) whilst holding the item of your choice is how to sell things on there. I believe that you can only sell three things at any one time, and they expire after 24 hours. Some people push for items to be sold at ridiculously high prices for pretty easily accessible things. Someone seeing your useful item for cheap (maybe 100, 200 cash depending on what it is) would probably make someone want to buy it as it is a bargain and could get snatched by someone else at any given moment.
    Wouldn't want to miss your chance, eh?

    One last thing I would suggest is this new thing called the coinflip. In reality it is just gambling with someone, a 50 50 chance of losing or gaining whatever amount of money you put forward for betting. As much as I wouldn't suggest this behaviour in real life, it may be beneficial in factions. Obviously the wrong way to go about all of it would be to put all of your money forward at once, as the program could very much be botted and unfair and if not there is still a 50% chance of loosing all of your hard earned cash from using the methods above.

    These may not be the easiest or most productive methods of gaining money in factions, but these personally are my strategies and what helps me most. :)