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Almost 7 years of Snapcraft

Discussion in 'Off-Topic (Other)' started by Dingoster, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Dingoster

    Dingoster Stone Miner

    Hello Snappers,

    It's been a long time since I've posted on the Snapcraft forums, mainly for the reason that I haven't been able to join for almost a year now, but I'll get into WHY later on.

    When I started playing Minecraft back in 2012, I was like any other average player:
    I thrived on adventures, resources & the sites of Herobrine.. I searched upon biomes to find the finest lands, I searched everywhere between bedrock and stone to find the best minerals, not to the realization that I was just having fun; but I was making future memories, to look back upon and I feel nostalgic about.. missing my childhood.

    Of course, I was a lot younger then, I didn't know how the future could turn out, nor did I care.

    After a month or two, I thought to myself: "this would be fun to play with other people".
    From there, I exited my survival world, and head to multiplayer, it was empty.
    After looking around I finally found a server, it was called "WitchCraft", I enjoyed the vanilla server so much, I'd play it every chance I had.
    After about two days of playing, I found a friend, which then formed into a longer online friendship, we both downloaded skype and talked everyday.

    I remember one day, I found a random player. I didn't understand why, but he wanted me to teleport to him, so I did. Once I teleported to him, he gave me a sign, I straight away knew he wanted to say something in private, as the Owner was online. He first time I've ever seen a sign advertisement, I remember so clearly.

    join this server

    I was excited, as WitchCraft was the only server I've ever played, so I straight away write the IP on a piece of paper, and add to server list. I remember first time joining, I finally felt as if I was apart of a community, I learned about the server, and quickly blended into the community.

    back when this happened Snapcraft had an average player base of about 25-40 players, it was like todays sponge-survival. The main-seller on the server was pumpkins, and sponges cost $10k to buy, or you could get one for $5k from a warp if you were lucky. A donator rank could set warp, and the second highest rank could go into creative mode. The spawn was mainly made up of stonebrick & glowstone, in spawn there was Martens head, if you entered into the room you'd find an XP farm. Next to the shop there was a tree farm that planted saplings once they were chopped down.

    Sadly, my adventure on Snapcraft stopped last year, as I got banned for 'chargeback', which I won't complain about, but it proven false, yet in respect, carelessly, sadly wasn't investigated.
    It's sad to see how once a community grows to a great level, it comes to the needed profession in a server, back when I was new, you had staff interacting with players just as if they were themselves, now.. it's not quite the same.

    But, not all things were bad.
    After getting banned from Snapcraft I looked past gaming, and thought of real life needings, I no longer had my only entertainment in gaming, so instead of gaming.. why not look into something that I will benefit from in life?

    I signed up to the Army Cadets and spent a full year of training, discipline and understanding of battle-training. Once a year went past, I found I had two jobs, I left cadets and worked none-stop hours.
    Once one of my jobs closed down during the damage of a bad storm, I had spare time that I needed to spend, I spent that time training at the gym, discipling myself for hours.

    Now, my career has shined,
    I signed up to the Australian Royal Navy, I travelled for 5 hours for a 1 hour interview, oh was I ever successful. After this year, my school gradings will allow me to continue my Naval application as a MP, or Boatswains mate.

    I want to thank this server for creating a part of my childhood entertainment, it's been a long time.
    I also want to thank Butterss, Ex-Staff of Snapcraft. He was a good friend of mine, and I never said bye to him. Thanks Marten for creating the community, and thank you to the staff for keeping the server safe. And most of all, thank you players for creating what Snapcraft is today.

    Much love to all,
  2. CasuallyAnnoying

    Survival King
    It's amazing to have players that have been around for this long. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself here! :)