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Better Kits For Kitpvp

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Twwhaik4, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Twwhaik4

    Twwhaik4 Zombie Killer

    As many of you know, a lot of people are complaining about kit fight being bad and kit knight being too op but, I have a solution for that!

    Kit Fight: Prot 1 Leather Helmet, Golden chestplate, Golden leggings , and Prot 1 Leather Boots

    Kit Warrior: Prot 1 Iron helmet, Golden chestplate, Golden leggings, and Prot 1 Iron boots.

    Kit Knight: Stays the same.

    Each level of protection adds 3 epf (enchantment protection factor)
    Also half a armor bar reduces 4% of damage with the max being 80% reduced.

    The current kit fight has 4 armor bars which means, 32% of the damage is reduced.

    Kit knight has 7.5 armor bars which means 60% of the damage is reduced. (Not including the protection)
    Kit knight has 6 epf due to 2 prot 1 armor pieces. You simply find the average which is 50-100% of the epf and this is 3-6 epf and multiply those numbers by 4. This means that 12-24% damage is reduced as well.

    A bit op right?

    The new kit fight will have 5 armor bars and 6 epf and the new warrior kit will have 6 armor bars with 6 epf as well.

    This will make it much more fair to those who can't donate and to those who donate for kit warrior.
    Let me know what you think because, I want to see all of your opinions.
    If there are any spelling mistakes please excuse them as I am typing this on my Ipod.
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  2. Idontrox

    Idontrox Emerald Miner

  3. Jeffsaddoris

    Jeffsaddoris Gold Miner

    I agree. this is a good idea
  4. LegalSense

    LegalSense Void Walker

    And that's why there's an agree button..
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  5. CyberMist®

    CyberMist® Banned

    What about one piece of projectile protection such as the helmet?It could make it even better because of bow spammers,and people on roof tops.Therefore it would help quite a bit considering it's not only just "Melee" combat.
  6. Billybobice

    Billybobice Skeleton Slayer

    Protection protects from everything, projectile protection included.
  7. CyberMist®

    CyberMist® Banned

    Actually, projectile means that includes damage from arrows, ghast/blaze fire charges, etc.Also it is almost similar to protections strength EPF by having resist on incoming hits, although Protection protects most all by 4% x2 precent on every level. Such as if you had Protectile protection 4, it will be almost as protection 3.;-)