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Pending Some Suggestions for Realms

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Hart, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Hart

    Hart Helper

    Survival Premium
    Over the past few months, I have advanced on the Realms gamemode quite far. I've also made a ton of friends and cool memories so far with the community on there. Recently, some players have stated that Realms can often get stale quite fast; only thing keeping them there is the community. When i asked for a few suggestions on what they would like to see possibly implemented, they provided me the following:

    1. More Mob Spawners
      1. With many high donors having gotten bored of the game or just quit in general, they suggested the possibility of adding new mob spawners in the Spawners Advancement system. This would give the older players new reasons to strive and unlock these new grinders. One player, "sillyboyzs" suggested Polar Bear Spawners. They noticed that Survival has the new spawners included, but not realms. However, they did note that if that would require a reset of Realms, they would stop playing. If a reset would be the case, possibly a redesign of the Spawner Advancement System could be in order. For example, the "Basic Spawners" tab (on the left side of the /shop - spawners section) has spawners such as Enderman and Slime that almost nobody ever buys. By adding this to the Spawner Tiers on the right side, it may add new challenges for players to try and unlock.
    2. Spawn Rate / Head Drops
      1. Many players have shared their frustration in which the rate that mob heads drop is extremely slow. We are aware of the "Minion Booster' functionality but when trying to obtain a large quantity of heads to unlock new spawners, this method is extremely inefficient. I have read past forum posts in which Maartenn explains that head drops have been decreased before due to the overpowered rate in which they used to spawn, so possibly find a middle-ground rate to bring fairness and content amongst Realms players.
    3. Scaffolding / Lift Signs
      1. As you are aware, the /fly command is available to Royal Donators and above. Non-donators and donators below Royal rank suggested a Scaffolding sign system in which you right click a sign to reach elevated or descending heights. Reason they suggest this is to better navigate through their realms.
    Thank you for taking the time to read the post, and hopefully some exciting updates to the Realms gamemode may be nearing the future!

    From, Jim_Morrison (& Members of the Realms Community)
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