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Final Suggestions For Snapcraft. Please Don't Downvote Me To Hell Or Start Fights

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by LuckyThinking, Sep 8, 2014.

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  1. 123IsIt

    123IsIt Void Walker

    I have every right to be on this thread and respond... and if your gonna tell me that why didn't you say this to all the other ranks who commented..
    And earlier you said that you wanted a "fair" game, do you think it would be "fair" to delete all of our stuff? First of all we have put time into this game taking it away isn't fair, and also is it not fair that we BOUGHT our ranks? We have a right to buy what we want if we can afford it, this is a law, and CreeperGirl is basically saying this law is invalid? You make me laugh.
    Edit: Also is money and deleting bought perks a simple discussion....?
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  2. Pookie_

    Pookie_ Zombie Killer

    Actually yes it is. It is just a discussion. Not reality.
  3. Maarten

    Maarten Owner

    First off I would like to state that fly and disguises are turned off upon entering pvp. Also Earthgames isnt our only unique thing, We have ZombieV, AdventureCraft(Survival), Our factions is really balanced since we nerfed the OP God apples. Also all our others servers are alot different from the mainstream servers. and 70$ for a creeper spawner that has been changed a bit ago already.
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  4. Jakeee

    Jakeee Skeleton Slayer

  5. liongus

    liongus Gold Miner

    Lol if you are saying that donors who fly are op, then imagine them with str. 2 pots, nobody would ever survive.
  6. Victorthelama

    Victorthelama Ghast Hunter

    Well, if you are saying that fly, disguise, and our armor should be taken away, then technically you are saying that our perks should be taken away, since that's mostly what we have. Now, I know that you have Master on Creative, so let me [try] to make an example for comparison:

    People are complaining that nicknames are starting to become to inappropriate and hard too control, so a lot of people make a thread [kinda like this one, eh?] and start flaming on how it should be removed from the master rank, since 1, It's unfair to the normal players who can't change their name, and 2, It's hard to control when Masters make their names inappropriate, and sometimes even abuse it to impersonate staff. How would you feel if you lost /nick on Creative, even if you paid for it? Still need another example? Let's also say that people are complaining about /tp and /d on Creative since Masters can teleport to a player and block their builds, and even if the player tells the Master to leave, they can either leave and tp back a bit later, or just disguise as an invisible mob and continue to harass the player. Another issue with /d in Creative is that Masters can disguise as Giants or Giant Slimes, and use these to either block builds, or even lag out the server.

    Again, how would you feel if the perks you paid for were taken away from you?

    Now, I am going to lock this thread. Not because I feel that one side has won or because this was a closing point, but because 5 pages of flame war is getting out of hand, and ultimately, this isn't our decision to make, but rather Bas and Maarten's decisions. Thread Locked.
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